Western Union

      • Easy does it!
      • Paying your OSN cash subscription just got really easy. We got together
        with Western Union to provide an instant, safe and convenient method of payment.
        Simply visit your nearest Western Union Agent location*,
        renew your subscription and you’re ready for more amazing entertainment.

        Click here to find your nearest Western Union location
      • Sending a cash payment with Western Union Quick Pay is as easy as 1, 2, 3
      • Step 1 – Gather the information you need.
      • . Your Smartcard number
      • . Exact amount due
      • . Closest Western Union location with Quick Pay, click here
      • Step 2Visit your closest Western Union location and fill out the blue Quick Pay form.
      • A
        Company Name: OSN
      • B
        Company Code: OSN AE
      • C
        Your personal and contact details
      • D
        Sender Account Number: Your SMARTCARD number
      • Step 3 – Give your completed form and cash to the Western Union agent.
      • . The Western Union agent will process your payment and issue you a unique
      • transaction identification number known as Money Transfer Control Number (MTCN). This is the confirmation that your payment has been processed and you should keep this unique transaction id number for your reference.
      • . Provided the payment has been made during business working hours your
      • subscription will be activated within 2 hours.
      • It’s that easy!

        * This payment service is available at select Western Union locations