OSN Ya Hala! HD

      • Ahbabtom Tifla - season 1
        The story revolves around Merve and Sinan, two young lovers. While Merve comes from a poor family background, Sinan is rich. Merve becomes pregnant, Both families do not approve of them being together and are not prepared to take responsibility for the baby, Sinan’s family do not tell him that Merve is pregnant and send him to America unaware. The series is based on the situations that arise due to their separation.
        Saturday to Tuesday at 21:00 KSA on OSN Ya Hala! HD - Ch.100
      • Asmaituha Feriha - season 1
        The drama that got the best ratings in Turkey, now showing on OSN. A story of Feriha, the ambitious girl who start a lie about her identity in university when a handsome colleague start falling for her.

        Saturday to Tuesday at 22:00 KSA on OSN Ya Hala! HD - Ch.100
      • Al Ayadi Al Baida
        A Drama that focuses on the difficulties that faces the Arabic Woman in her daily life, produced under the sponsorship of the Arab League.

        Thursdays at 20:00 KSA on OSN Ya Hala! HD - Ch.100