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Step into the World of Bond

Starting November 7. For 7 weeks. On Channel 007

Spectre is coming to OSN this month, but it won't be alone.
Along comes all the bonds all together, on one screen and for the first time ever.

Experience the world of bond and its escapades. Watch every bond movie ever made on one channel dedicated to the most famous secret agent in the history of Hollywood.

From Dr. No all the way to Spectre, join every mission and conquest that agent 007 went on. See his leading ladies throughout the years, his sophisticated accessories, high tech gadgets, extravagant cars and much more.

Go behind the scenes and witness the making of the incredible stunts. Listen to interviews with the cast and crew, watch documentaries and get a closer look at the thrilling world of bond.

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Designing 007 Fifty Years of Bond Style

Visit the greatest exhibition of Bond memorabilia ever assembled.
Discover the craft behind the sets, music, gadgets, technology and fashion spanning five decades of bond movies.
Explore more than 500 of the original objects, from Roger Moore’s Tuxedo to that Aston Martin from the Golden Eye.

Designing 007 - Burj Khalifa Dubai

Venue: Annex, Burj Khalifa
Date: November 13, 2016 to February 13, 2017

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