OSN puts Content Protection on the Curriculum with new CSR Initiatives

Apr 26, 2017

With World Intellectual Property Day on April 26, OSN kicks-off a new community education programme, showing how we can celebrate content protection through education. Here, Sophie Moloney Chief Legal Officer, who leads our content protection and CSR initiatives, shares how an OSN pilot programme using children’s digital books, is teaching young creatives about the importance of owning and protecting their content.

In a new CSR campaign, OSN set out to show that understanding anti-piracy really is child’s play. sixteen children from Safa Community School, Dubai, took part in an OSN CSR pilot programme aimed at creating digital books around the issue of content protection.

The books were written, designed, illustrated and voice-recorded in both English and Arabic before being made available for free download on the App Store for Apple devices. Each book is six pages long and small animations are added to each page through the proprietary software owned by OSN’s partner Kiwa Digital.

The children were split into four teams of four and were selected from different year groups. Each team then had to come up with an original story about the city that they lived in, Dubai, and the children then set about planning and producing those stories with their teachers. The process of creating the books is called a ‘KiwaSlam.’

What the children came up with was amazing. Four brand new stories that featured the Burj Khalifa, falcons, camels and reflected their own lives in Dubai. Each story was written in English and then the students – who all study Arabic at school – then translated those books and recorded them in Arabic too.

Critically, the children learn through the process of creating these books, that they have copyright of what they’ve created, they own the stories. They felt proud of what they’d achieved and were easily able to understand how awful it would be if someone copied their idea or stole their book.

At OSN we love entertainment and we want to protect the rights of content creators and owners, and that includes these children and their digital books. With the success of the pilot we hope to take the concept of an ‘OSN KiwaSlam’ to many more schools across the Middle East, to encourage children to produce original content that we can showcase. Also, if we can get these youngsters to understand that protecting content is equally as important and rewarding then we can do something to slow down the spread of content theft or piracy. 

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