HBO's mini-series The Night Of

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A fresh insight into how society handles the complicated process of justice.

Watch HBO’s latest mini-series exclusively on OSN and get the details of this gripping crime story that will shed a new light on everything you know about the judicial system in New York.

Starring John Turturro as an embattled defense attorney and Riz Ahmed as his young Pakistani-American client, the eight-part miniseries explores the dark corners of the criminal-justice system in NYC as they swirl around a young Pakistani-American staring down an avalanche of evidence in the murder of a young woman on the Upper West Side.

A probing contemporary look at crime, the presumption of guilt and the urban prison system, The Night Of delves into the intricacies of a complex New York City murder case with compelling cultural and political overtones. By doing so, it offers viewers an invigorating new take on the crime-drama genre, exploring the vagaries of a single murder case through multiple, contentious points of view.