Mr. Robot is back

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The award winning Mr. Robot comes back for a second season and it seems the war is far from over. Once again you’re invited to see the world through the eyes of Elliot Anderson and witness the outcomes of his complex psyche and awkward social interactions.

Before the second season hits our screens, OSN is giving you the chance to catch up on season 1 and watch all its episodes on OSN On Demand starting June 30.

Produced by Universal Cable Productions, the series follows Elliot Anderson, a young programmer who works as a cyber-security engineer at Allsafe by day and a vigilante hacker by night. Played by Rami Malik, Elliot struggles with social anxiety disorder, clinical depression and delusion causing him to lead a somehow isolated social life.

Elliot’s life is turned upside down after he meets Mr. Robot, the mysterious leader of an underground hacker group, fsociety, who seeks to hire Elliot to launch a planned attack against E Corp, the corporation he so pledged to protect. However, Mr. Robot is revealed later to be an imaginary character created by Elliot and serves as his alter ego.

The attack occurs on September 5, leaving E Corp in ruins; the financial system and housing market are on the verge of a collapse, the corporation’s stock is at an all-time low and billions of dollars have been wiped out from the market.

Season 2 starts 30 days following the attack, which people are referring to as the Evil Corp hack. And the show creator Sam Esmail is promising a much darker season, where all pieces are coming together to form a more complicated plot and throw some major surprises.

Watch the second season of Mr. Robot as it premiers on July 14 at the same time as the US exclusively on OSN.

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