Discovery Science HD

Discovery Science HD

Genre: Factual
Language: English
A channel from the Discovery network bringing exciting and informative documentaries on topics including space, technology and weather.
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Documentary Direct From Pluto: First Encounter
Monday.June at 06:50

48 Minutes
Genre: Documentary
Episode 3 48 Minutes
Genre: Documentary
Episode 4 48 Minutes
Genre: Documentary
Episode 25 48 Minutes
Genre: Documentary
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  • 51 Degrees North
  • Bad Universe
  • Cosmic Collisions
  • Da Vinci's Machines
  • Direct From Pluto: First Encounter
  • Extreme Engineering
  • Fire In The Sky
  • Food Factory
  • Food Factory USA
  • Future Firepower
  • Home Factory
  • How Do They Do It?
  • How The Earth Works
  • How The Universe Works
  • How To Survive An Asteroid Strike: An Asteroid...
  • Invent It Rich
  • Landing On A Comet: Rosetta
  • Last Days Of The Dinosaur
  • Man v Expert
  • Man v The Universe
  • Mega Builders
  • Mega Engineering
  • Mission Asteroid
  • Mosquito
  • Mythbusters
  • Mythbusters: The Search
  • Penn & Teller Tell A Lie
  • Prototype This
  • Race To Escape
  • Scanning The Skies: The Discovery Channel...
  • Space Pioneer
  • Stephen Hawking's Universe
  • Strangest Weather On Earth
  • The Man Who Tweeted Earth
  • The Quick And The Curious
  • Weird Or What?
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