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It's SUPER SERIES SEASON on OSN and we've got some seriously binge-worthy TV treats coming your way.

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One pop-up channel, three action shows

Kick off the season on OSN Pop up Series Action HD (channel 7) showing back-to-back episodes from August 31 to September 14.

OSN pop-up HD Action

Shooter Season 2


S.W.A.T Season 1


Legal Weapon Season 1 & 2

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Looking to discover fresh faces and new stories?
Check out these brand-new shows premiering on OSN at the same time as the US.


Starts Monday, September 10 21:00 KSAOSN First HBO HD

New Amsterdam

Starts Monday, October 1 20:00 KSAOSN Series First HD

The Cool Kids

Starts Tuesday, October 2 21:00 KSAOSN Series Comedy HD

Magnum P.I.

Starts Thursday, October 4 19:00 KSAOSN Series First HD

Catch up with your favs

After a long summer apart, we have so many questions! Will Meredith find love again? How many more murders can Annalise & team get away with? Is TV’s funny family leaving us for ever?

Find out when your favorite show returns here.


Season 15

Premieres September 30 at 20:00 KSA


Season 5

Premieres September 30 at 22 KSA


Season 2

Premieres October 7 at 19:00 KSA


Season 3

Premieres September 27 at 20:00 KSA


Season 2

Premieres October 4 at 21:00 KSA


Season 2

Premieres October 1 at 19:00 KSA


Season 5

Premieres October 9 at 20:00 KSA


Season 10

Premieres October 3 at 20:00 KSA

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Get ready for award season

Celebrate all the TV shows you love and find out who will be awarded at The 70th  Emmys live & exclusive only on OSN.

Live on September 18 at 3:00 KSA
Repeated at 19:00 KSA

OSN Series HD first