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Hareem Al Sultan 4

Episode: 104 | Season: 4
Tuesday, 21:00 KSA, September 30
OSN Yahala HD,
Channel No: 100

Turkish drama ''Hareem Al Sultan'' is back for it's unmissable fourth season. This season sees Huyam selfishly scheming to ensure her family's continued rise, a campaign that leads to a grief-ridden Sultan Suleiman questioning the future leadership of the Ottoman Empire

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Saturday to Wednesday at 21:00 KSA on OSN Ya Hala! HD
The Turkish drama continues in season 4 as the show reveals more secrets from the world of the harem. Hareem Al Sultan is an epic production portraying love, betrayal, romance and intrigues in the life of Sultan Suleiman.
Hareem Sultan based on a true story.

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