OSN Plus HD Wi-Fi Box

Introducing your OSN HD box

Here is everything you need to know to make the most of its great features.


Glorious HD

Watch everything you love in Full HD 1080i. It’s 3D compatible too.


1000+ Channels

Browse over 1000 free-to-air channels on the OSN HD Box.


Dolby Sound

Experience high quality surround sound with Dolby Digital Plus up to 5.1 compatibility.

Your Journey Starts Here

Use your remote to control your OSN HD box. Each button is explained below.

OSN Plus HD Wi-Fi Box Remote

Explore what makes your experience unique

Hit or to enter your TV menu and start discovering the ease and convenience, every tab adds to your life.

Make your TV time smarter.

  • Plan your future

    Check out full week’s schedule for your favorite channels and set reminders.

  • Organization is key

    Easily find your preferred channels under defined categories.

Edit Favorites

  • Select the favorite list you want to edit

  • Press the blue button to apply changes

  • Once you’ve created your favorite lists you can easily add more channels

International content in local language.

  • We speak your language

    Watch the biggest content in both, Arabic and English.

  • Subtitled & Dubbed

    Watch the biggest movies and shows with subtitles and/or dubbed in your preferred language.

  • Select your language

    Head to your channel and press “Lang/Subt.” on your OSN remote, and select your audio language and subtitle language.

Control what your kids watch at home..

  • Restrict and block

    Not just shows or movies, but complete channels too.

  • You call the shots

    You decide what’s appropriate and what’s not, for your child.

  • Set Parental Control

    Hit “Menu” on your remote, go to settings and select Parental Control. Enter your PIN (default PIN is 0000) and follow onscreen instructions. Done!

Set up your OSN HD box

Simply scroll through the images below and follow the step-by-step instructions to set up your OSN HD box

Step 1

How to connect the cables?

  • OSN HD Box should be connected to a Nilesat feed from the dish to the LNB 1 input of the OSN HD Box.
  • Connect the HDMI cable from OSN HD Box to your TV.
  • Connect the power cable from OSN HD Box in the electricity socket.

Please scroll to the following image for the next installation step.

Step 2

OSN HD Box supports both English or Arabic interface. Using the arrows on the remote control, please select your preferred language then press OK.

Step 3

This page confirms that you have connected all the cables correctly.

Press OK to proceed to the next screen.

Step 4

If you wish to have the full HD, select 1080i.
Or for HD ready, choose 720p.
Use the left and right arrows on your remote control to switch.

Press Ok to proceed to the next screen.

Step 5

Please ensure that your Nilesat feed cable input on your dish is connected on either DISEqC B or DISEqC A.
If it’s on DISEqC A, please press OK on the remote control to proceed to the next page.

Step 6

If it’s on DISEqC B, set your LNB Number to ‘LNB 2’ (using the arrows on your remote).

Then set the DISEqC Port to ‘None’.

Step 7

Then go back to LNB Number and choose ‘LNB1’ and scroll down to DISEqC Port and choose ‘DISEqC B’. Press ok to proceed to the next screen

Step 8

Now using the remote control, choose the entry point “11977-V-S-27” and press ok to proceed to the next Screen.

Step 9

This page should have a closed golden lock in the middle, this means that your device has been activated successfully, and press “Ok”, now you can start watching your favorite content.

If the golden lock in the middle is open the box will return to the entry page automatically, and you can choose the entry point “11861-VS2 – 27” then press “Ok” If the golden lock still open contact your nearest dealer to send you a technician to install the box.

Step 10

Your device will start to download the latest software, please wait until it’s 100% complete and then you can resume watching your favorite contents.