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May 14, 2020
The latest and greatest TV series (or TV shows) have taken over our lives for a couple of decades now – and rightfully so, millions of people around the world have committed majority of their screen time to their favorite comedy series or drama series.

Let’s talk about the most debated TV series of this particular decade – yes, you already know we’re going to talk about Game of Thrones (Give this page a thumbs up if you were also disappointed with the season finale!). The grand finale of the show might have had the audience split into two or three, but for 8 years – everyone, and we mean EVERYONE was hooked on to Game of Thrones. Let’s be honest, Monday mornings were reserved for a special screening! Oh, did we mention that you can watch all of Game of Thrones in beautifully crisp HD via your OSN Streaming app that’s available at no extra cost with your OSN subscription.

But we would be lying if we said the fanfare of TV drama started or even peaked there, remember The Office; arguably TV’s best comedy series till date?

But why stop there? Go back to the 90s, where everyone was watching a particular comedy series about 6 friends who hung out in a coffee shop.
Even the last few years gave us some spectacular TV series – so now is as good a time to release gripping new drama series or heartwarming comedy series because we, the audience ARE READY!

That being said, the small screens (and not so small studios) have given us some epic TV series to watch recently and we’re here to showcase our latest offerings on OSN. This is your guide to the latest must-watch TV series in comedy and drama, that are causing a stir all over the interwebs. Hop on this hype train before it’s too late!


I Know This Much Is True
Starts Monday, 11 May at 21:00 KSA on OSN Series First

Are you ready for a double dose of Mark Ruffalo?
Dominic Birdsey takes time out of his life to revisit and rekindle his relationship with his schizophrenic twin brother, Thomas who is currently admitted at an asylum. This brand-new, gripping TV drama series by HBO promises big twists and an epic storyline, supported by an already amazing cast.

Little Fires Everywhere Season 1
Starts Sunday, 24 May at 20:10 KSA on OSN Series First

One of the most engaging and intriguing dramas on TV yet! Little Fires Everywhere is dramatic soap opera with a stellar cast and great storytelling. Experience the lives of the Richardson family and our leading characters, an enigmatic mother and her daughter whose lives are anything but mundane.

Ramy Season 2
Starts Saturday, 30 May at 22:00 KSA on OSN Comedy

The comedic genius of Ramy Hassan, and his spiritual journey are on full display in this comedy TV series. Ramy is an Egyptian-American who lives in New Jersey who is in a constant state of debate with himself. A story most 20-somethings can relate to. Don’t miss the highly anticipated second season.

High Fidelity Season 1
Starts Wednesday, 27 May at 22:00 KSA on OSN Comedy

Rob is a thirty-something millennial who owns a record store. He’s going through a bit of a mid-life crisis, and has to finally come to terms with something he’s uncomfortable with… growing up. Rediscover the joys of pop culture, music and life as a millennial in this new comedy series, High Fidelity.

Betty Season 1
Starts Monday, 11 May at 22:00 KSA on OSN Series First

Experience the spirit of skating in the cool capital of world, New York City! Betty is an HBO comedy drama that follows a group of women who breaking into the male-dominated world of skateboarding. 10 points if you remember any tricks from old skateboarding video games!

The Great Season 1
Starts Sunday, 17 May at 21:00 KSA on OSN Series First

An occasionally true story, The Great is a slapstick comedy/period drama about a woman from rural Austria during the 18th century. Her life takes a dramatic turn when she’s forced to choose between her own happiness or the future of Russia. Starring Elle Fanning and Nicholas Hoult.

Blindspot Season 5
Saturday, 9 May at 21:00 KSA on OSN Series First

With little to no memory and a host of mysterious tattoos on her body, the FBI finds a Jane Doe in the middle of a bustling Times Square in New York. Uncover the truth, and secrets that lie ahead with Jaimie Alexander as Jane Doe in Blindspot.

Better Things Season 4
Starts Tuesday, 26 May at 22:00 KSA on OSN Comedy

Stuck between her demanding career and raising 3 daughters, Sam Fox is a divorced Hollywood actress just trying to focus on a brighter, better life.

AAAAAAANNNNDD that wraps up our list of highly anticipated, must-watch, brand new shows on OSN.
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