Our Complete Channel Lineup

OSN Movies First HD

CH: 1
Genre: Movies

Your ticket to OSN's movie premieres. See Hollywood's biggest hits for the first time on TV - on our flagship movie channel.

OSN Movies First HD

CH: 1
Genre: Movies

Your ticket to OSN's movie premieres. See Hollywood's biggest hits for the first time on TV - on our flagship movie channel.

OSN Movies HD

CH: 6
Genre: Movies

This multi-genre movie channel brings you a spectacular selection of must-see Hollywood hits.

OSN Movies Action HD

CH: 4
Genre: Movies

Your destination for action, filled with all the biggest action blockbusters and most popular heroes.

OSN Movies Thriller HD

CH: 9
Genre: Movies

Watch the best thrillers - crime, mysterial, suspense, and horror - sure to keep you on the edge of your seat.

OSN Movies Kids HD

CH: 15
Genre: Movies

The channel for young movie fans. Filled with amazing adventures and beloved characters - we've got everything you need to keep your 3-8 year-olds happy.

OSN Movies Kids HD

CH: 15
Genre: Movies

The channel for young movie fans. Filled with amazing adventures and beloved characters - we've got everything you need to keep your 3-8 year-olds happy.

OSN Movies Disney HD

CH: 16
Genre: Movies

OSN Movies Family HD is the first 24-hour family-friendly movie channel. Now you can enjoy family time any time with an amazing selection of must-watch animated and live-action movies.

Star Movies HD

CH: 37
Genre: Movies

STAR Movies offers an exciting and unique mix of the best films from around the world.

Paramount Channel HD

CH: 34
Genre: Movies

Paramount Channel creates a contemporary and unique environment for audiences to celebrate film, documentaries, TV series and behind-the-scenes features. Elevating and celebrating the art of storytelling via careful and high quality curation.

OSN Series First HD

CH: 200
Genre: Entertainment

The ultimate destination for the most talked-about TV series. Our flagship channel brings them to you within 24 hours of the world premieres.

Star World HD

CH: 210
Genre: Entertainment

Star World HD provides a vast range of programmes for the entire family. Drawing from programme libraries from around the world.


CH: 212
Genre: Entertainment

TLC HD is a lifestyle channel showcasing the best in meaningful entertainment and real reality, as well as the biggest hits from the Oprah Winfrey Network.

E! Entertainment HD

CH: 213
Genre: Entertainment

E! TV is 'the' channel for the hottest news, gossip, style and fashion direct from the tinseltown capital of showbiz ... Hollywood.

Comedy Central

CH: 207
Genre: Entertainment

Comedy Central is an undisputed leader in comedy around the globe with a presence in more than 120 countries, a deep library of international content and an increasing commitment to local productions.

Disney Channel HD

CH: 350
Genre: Kids

A high definition channel of fantastic family entertainment with all your favourite characters and the best feature length films.

Disney XD HD

CH: 352
Genre: Kids

With another channel dedicated to Kids entertainment, Disney XD features programming primarily in animation, targeting children and teens from ages 6 to 18.

Disney Junior

CH: 354
Genre: Kids

Disney Junior invites parents to join their child in the Disney experience of magical, musical and heartfelt stories and characters, while incorporating specific learning and development themes aimed at kids aged 2-7.

Nickelodeon HD

CH: 355
Genre: Kids

The ultimate destination for kids from 7-14, combining the best animation and live action in HD.

Nick Jr.

CH: 356
Genre: Kids

With the best in "edutainment" programming for 3-6 years old, and their parents, Nick Jr. provides a safe, positive and educational destination for its viewers.

OSN Kid Zone TV

CH: 358
Genre: Kids

OSN Kid Zone TV is a brand new 24/7 kids channel designed to engage, educate and provide a safe and trusted viewing environment for younger children.

Nick Toons

CH: 357
Genre: Kids

Welcome to NickToons, a brand new channel for everyone but especially for kids who love comedy and adventure. It's got Avatar, Fairly Odd Parents, Kung Fu Panda, Penguins of Madagascar and loads more. Exciting AND funny, you're gonna love it!

Baby TV

CH: 361
Genre: Kids

During the day your child can discover colours, shapes, nature and animals or hear songs and stories. At night there’s soft or classical music and gently moving visuals, designed to help your child settle and relax.


CH: 300
Genre: Music

English 24-hour HD music channel that offers music and entertainment programming, including the best music videos and live performances.


CH: 303
Genre: Music

VH1 is the home of magical music, from Celine Dion and Whitney Houston to Iron Maiden and U2.

OSN News

CH: 400
Genre: News

Daily coverage of American and world news and award-winning magazine programmes, documentaries, financial features and up-to-the-minute world, business, technology, entertainment news and weather forecasts.

Sky News HD

CH: 401
Genre: News

The latest international news from Sky, featuring top stories from around the world and breaking news, as it happens.

Sky News Arabia HD

CH: 450
Genre: News

Sky News Arabia HD shines a light on the Arab world from the Arab world. Live from the heart of events, the coverage is fast and foremost with the emphasis on journalism and innovation, and all in high definition.

CNBC Europe

CH: 413
Genre: News

Covering the trading day right across the world, CNBC Europe, Europe’s leading financial and business broadcaster, delivers the latest market information, in-depth analysis and interviews with the business world’s leading figures.


CH: 415
Genre: News

Up-to-the minute financial news. Bloomberg Television provides you with accurate and real-time market news, data and in-depth analysis from around the world.

France 24

CH: 421
Genre: News

24 hour international breaking news and headlines offering a French perspective on world events and broadcast in English.

Discovery Channel HD

CH: 500
Genre: Factual

Discovery Channel's fascinating documentaries explore every subject from mother nature to human society, from ancient history to the distant future, from outer space to the Earth beneath our feet and much, much more.

Discovery Science HD

CH: 504
Genre: Factual

A channel from the Discovery network bringing exciting and informative documentaries on topics including space, technology and weather.


CH: 505
Genre: Factual

From real-life mystery and suspense stories to audacious scandals, ID Xtra keeps you on the edge of your seat, making you look closer as the mystery unravels. The truth is never as straightforward as you think!

Crime & Investigation

CH: 506
Genre: Factual

CI is a factual channel that offers viewers insight into real life crime stories. We uncover the truth behind the crime by taking a 360 perspective view and open the door to real crimes, police archives and courtrooms.

History Channel HD

CH: 508
Genre: Factual

HISTORY entertains and moves you to the edge of your seat through incredible true stories. HISTORY, like history is bursting with extraordinary characters and full of exciting stories, inspired by yesterday, lived out today, shaping tomorrow.

History 2 HD

CH: 509
Genre: Factual

Delve further into the realms of conspiracy theories, explore the riches of British history and immerse yourself in pivotal moments of the past and present. H2 will entertain you with little known facts of the world around us.

National Geo HD

CH: 513
Genre: Factual

Showcasing Nat Geo's top-rated programmes, and guided by world-class scientists and cutting-edge filmmakers, National Geographic Channel HD transports viewers to some of the most visually stunning places on earth, exploring them all with the incredible clarity of HD.

Nat Geo Wild HD

CH: 515
Genre: Factual

Dedicated to the natural world, Nat Geo Wild HD takes viewers on unforgettable journeys to experience the best, most intimate encounters with wildlife ever seen on television.

Nat Geo People HD

CH: 517
Genre: Factual

Nat Geo People HD brings the human experience to life with an all-access pass into the curious and intimate worlds of real people from all around the world.

OSN Ya Hala Al Oula! HD

CH: 100
Genre: Arabic

Your exclusive first window to the latest series, Arabic-dubbed Turkish dramas, live shows and more. OSN Yahala Al Oula HD is your hub for all the best, must-see Arabic entertainment. Enjoy it all in stunning HD.

OSN Ya Hala HD

CH: 107
Genre: Arabic

Enjoy all your Arabic favourites with an extensive library of Gulf, Turkish and Egyptian dramas, and other amazing entertainment. Watch 7 must-see shows, 7 days a week, in superb HD.

OSN Ya Hala Cinema HD

CH: 101
Genre: Arabic

Welcome to the ultimate Arabic movie destination. Watch the latest Arabic movies first – uncut, ad-free, in HD and with Dolby Digital surround sound. Enjoy special featurettes, director’s cuts, programmes about classical Arabic cinema and much more.

Aflam 1

CH: 131
Genre: Arabic

The largest collection of contemporary and classical Arabic movies which showcase the most beautiful stories and interesting romantic and comedy scenarios.

Aflam 2

CH: 133
Genre: Arabic

Presenting movies from the ART Aflam library and a variety of programmes including talk shows, interviews, star gossip and what goes on behind the scenes, to give a wide choice of viewing options throughout the day.

ART Cinema

CH: 135
Genre: Arabic

ART Cinema brings you the latest Arabic movies directly from the cinema screen, plus two or three of the most famous Arabic movies exclusively every month.

Hekayat 1

CH: 127
Genre: Arabic

Dedicated to Egyptian drama throughout the day this channel presents exclusive contemporary television series featuring the brightest and biggest stars.

Hekayat 2

CH: 129
Genre: Arabic

This channel visits legendary celebrity figures, looking at aspects of Arabian ancestry and the timeless stories that are not forgotten over time.

Al Safwa

CH: 118
Genre: Arabic

A committed, colourful and rich channel, dominated by contemporary speech but retaining the authenticity of the East and the broad interest in culture. Featuring events debating from all political, religious, cultural and literary aspects.

Al Yawm

CH: 116
Genre: Arabic

A pioneering Arabic channel in style; modern and fast rhythm, distinct and specialised, blending unique options in entertainment programmes. Featuring debates, meetings, celebrities, hair styles, hobbies, fashion, automotive, tourism and home decoration.


CH: 122
Genre: Arabic

The Arabic movie channel that presents a range of recent and classic films from all over the Arab world.


CH: 124
Genre: Arabic

An Arabic movie channel dedicated to the whole family. Cinema 2 presents the best in movies from that favorite font of Arabic Egyptian cinema.


CH: 120
Genre: Arabic

A channel offering a unique blend of programs covering all forms of Art whether modern or classical, Arabic or International.

Music Now

CH: 125
Genre: Arabic

Enjoy a channel with an innovative approach to the universal language of music. Music Now brings life to music through a unique blend of rhythms and melodies from around the world.


CH: 112
Genre: Arabic

Featuring the best Arabic television series from the Middle East, it presents the most famous television productions from drama to comedy and from melodrama to historical.


CH: 114
Genre: Arabic

If you are finding it hard to keep an appointment with the best series on the Series Channel, simply switch to Series +2, a time shift channel that broadcasts the same series on the Series Channel two hours later.

Akyson TV

CH: 710
Genre: Pinoy

This news, public affairs and sports channel keeps Filipinos across the globe updated on the latest national and international news and current events, together with what’s happening on the sports scene.


CH: 703
Genre: Pinoy

From the most respected news organisation in the Philippines, a 24/7 news channel featuring news programmes, documentaries, talk shows and magazine shows as regards the Philippines and the world.


CH: 700
Genre: Pinoy

The flagship 24/7 general entertainment channel of Abs-Cbn. The number 1 Filipino TV channel in the world.

ABS-CBN Sports+Action

CH: 701
Genre: Pinoy

ABS-CBN Sports+Action is a male-skewed channel highlighting sports & action entertainment, from high-octane live events in sports arenas to extreme sports in the outdoors, and likewise offering adventure & leisure, male interests, action movies & laugh-out-loud comedy.

Cinema One Global

CH: 702
Genre: Pinoy

A 24/7 premium Filipino movie channel featuring movies from the film libraries of Star Cinema, Regal Entertainment & Viva Films. The only true Filipino movie channel available worldwide, with films exclusively shown here 6 months after their theatrical release.


CH: 706
Genre: Pinoy

The one and only general entertainment pay TV channel fully produced in the Philippines. Reality, docus, comedy, music and lifestyle shows - all new, all fresh content, exclusively made for the channel and starring some of the country's biggest stars.

GMA Pinoy TV

CH: 713
Genre: Pinoy

GMA Pinoy TV is a 24/7 general entertainment channel featuring top-rating series, comedy, talk, reality, game and variety shows, and credible news programmes from GMA's flagship channel in the Philippines. Delivered in both English and Tagalog language.


CH: 714
Genre: Pinoy

GMA Life TV is a 24/7 lifestyle channel that offers a premium mix of Filipino lifestyle programmes focusing on food, travel, talk, fashion, reality and more. Delivered in both English and Tagalog language.


CH: 715
Genre: Pinoy

GMA News TV is a 24/7 news channel powered by the most-awarded news organisation in the Philippines. News, public affairs programmes and documentaries make it the ultimate news source for Filipinos across the globe. Delivered in both English and Tagalog language.

Lifestyle Network

CH: 712
Genre: Pinoy

Lifestyle Network is every Filipino's guide to living a life inspired by their dreams and passions. Its entertainment choices span the interests of the modern Filipino with lifestyle, reality, news, travel, talk shows, fashion, documentaries and educational programmes.


CH: 711
Genre: Pinoy

CineMo is the only Pinoy movie channel catering to the Filipino adult male audience featuring a wide range of local and foreign action, Asian Kung-fu, comedy, horror, and adult romance blockbuster hits.

Myx TV

CH: 707
Genre: Pinoy

A specialty premium 24/7 channel for the modern Filipino with a combination of lifestyle, music, reality and other award-winning original programming from ABS-CBN.


CH: 709
Genre: Pinoy

A 24/7 general entertainment channel featuring news, series, special events and programmes delivered in the various dialects across the Philippines.