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Understanding your remote

Use your remote to control your OSN Plus HD box.

Switch TV
On / Off

Switch OSN HD Box
On / Off

Volumn UP

Turn sound On / Off

Change Language / Select subtitles (where available)

OSN On Demand

Switch between output channels on your TV

Confirm selection

Use the arrow buttons to Navigate through EPG options

Channels or pages UP

Channels or pages DOWN

Programme information

Go back / toggle between last 2 viewed channels

Shortcut to MENU

Go to Live TV

Colour buttons have various uses depending on menu screen

Use number buttons for selecting channel numbers of other numeric entries

Volumn DOWN

OSN Plus HD Wi-Fi Box Remote

Discover your TV’s main menu

Browse the following menus, using your remote, and find out what each one means.

TV Guide
My Playlist
OSN Store
On Demand

When you press you’ll see the below screen. It is here where you can enter a world of entertainment.

You can access the TV guide through the main menu which will display the below screen.

My Playlist is where you will find titles you have recorded, bought or rented. You can access My Playlist via the main menu and you’ll see the below screen.

OSN Store is your personal digital library where you can buy or rent your favorite movies and TV shows. When you select OSN Store from the main menu you’ll see the below screen, where you can search, buy or rent.

You can find titles you purchase saved in My Playlist -> Download Manager.

You can also buy or rent OSN Store movies through the MyOSN app, find out more

Fancy getting to the good stuff even faster? Create and maintain up to 4 lists of all your favorite channels.

Press Menu, select Favorite

Favorite Channel

Select the favorite list you want to edit

Select Edit Favorites

Add or Remove your Favorite Channel

Select or deselect your favorite channels using the OK button

Press the blue button to Apply Changes

Once you’ve created your favorite lists you can easily add more channels:

  • Press {INFO} while viewing the channel you wish to favorite
  • Press the red button to add to favorites
  • To remove the channel, press the red button again

On Demand is a library that stores thousands of titles that you can watch whenever you want.

Your OSN Plus HD box must be connected to the internet to access this library. Click here for information on how to easily connect your box.

Once your box is connected, access On Demand through the main menu or by pressing on your remote, either way you’ll see the below screen.

Select genre

Choose your title and follow the on-screen instructions

Easy as can be, simply select the Netflix app or switch to channel 99

Taking Control

You can always control what and how you watch on OSN.

Control Live TV
Search channels
Language / Subtitles
Set Parental Control
You can rewind live TV from the moment you tuned in to the specific channel you’re watching.
Never miss a moment and pause live TV.
Forward to skip to the best bits.

Record Live TV

Watch at your convenience and record your favorites, simply press “R” on your remote and “Stop” when you’re done.

Schedule recording

To schedule a recording for a future date and time, follow these steps:

1 - Press "TV guide" on your remote

2 - Use the arrow buttons to scroll to what you want to record. Then simply press “R” to set record time.

Series Link

To schedule a recording for a series, follow these steps:

1 - Press "TV guide" on your remote, select the series you want to record, and press "R".

2 - Click on Record and choose Series Link.

Record free-to-air channels

1 - Press Playlist on your remote

2 - Press the green button, select “Time Based Recording”

3 - Enter the channel number using the numeric buttons

4 - Set up the Frequency, Start time and the Duration of the session. Press OK.


First, press the Channel List button on your remote


Then, select organize by pressing the yellow button


And easily search for your desired channel alphabetically

Preferred Language Setup

Certain content comes with both Arabic and English audio tracks and subtitles.

To set your preferred language:

  1. Select your chosen channel and press Lang/Subt
  2. Use the arrows to highlight audio tracks or subtitles and press OK on your language choice
Parental Control

Control what is viewed in your home.

Easily restrict or completely block certain content or channels by following these simple steps:

  1. Press the Menu button, select Settings
  2. Select Parental Control
  3. Enter your PIN (Default pin is 0000)
  4. Follow onscreen instructions to Channel Block or Set Ratings