Introducing your
OSN Plus HD box

Enjoy all the entertainment you need, and more – in one convenient place.

OSN Plus HD Box
We speak your language We speak your language

Watch in your prefered language with subtitles and dubbing.

You’re in control You’re in control

Rewind, record, forward and pause LIVE tv.

Family-friendly viewing Family-friendly viewing

Filter and lock channels with Parental Control.

Save it for later Save it for later

Download up to 1 TB of movies, series, LIVE tv.

Glorious HD Glorious HD

Watch with stunning visual quality.

Your Journey Starts Here

Use your remote to control your OSN Plus HD box. Each button opens up a brand new world of entertainment, to make the most of your experience.

Switch TV
On / Off

Switch OSN HD Box
On / Off

Shortcut to channels list

Turn sound On / Off

Change Language / Select subtitles (where available)

OSN On Demand

Switch between output channels on your TV

Confirm selection

Use the arrow buttons to Navigate through EPG options

Shortcut to TV Guide

Shortcut to MENU

Programme information

Go back / toggle between last 2 viewed channels

Shortcut to favourites

Go to Live TV

Colour buttons have various uses depending on menu screen

Use number buttons for selecting channel numbers of other numeric entries

Access OSN messages

OSN Plus HD Box Remote

Explore what makes your experience unique

Hit or to enter your TV menu and start discovering the ease and convenience, every tab adds to your life.

Make your TV time smarter.

  • Plan your future

    Check out full week’s schedule for your favorite channels, set reminders or hit record to watch later.

  • Organization is key

    Easily find your preferred channels under defined categories.

  • No more waiting games

    Something is coming up later? Click now and watch ahead of schedule.

Connect your box to enter a safe and dedicated section for your little ones

  • Strictly for kids

    Only family-friendly content available.

  • Toddler to Tween

    Curated content for all age groups.

  • In your language

    Dubbed and subtitled in your preferred language.

Feel spoilt for choice and convenience.

  • 10,000+ hours of entertainment

    800+ movies, 100 boxsets and 85+ series

  • Easy-peasy browsing

    With defined folder system.

  • Can’t find something?

    Use the search button

  • Watch it repeatedly

    One rent is available for 48 hours, after all

  • Straight from the cinema

    To you, before anyone else.

  • No card required

    Use your OSN credit to rent.

One click to access your personal collection

  • Manage storage

    Keep track, delete and create storage space on your box.

  • Want to watch later?

    Find everything you recorded or downloaded, here.

  • My purchases

    All that you’ve bought or rented, is easily accessible from here.

As you like it.

  • User Preferences

    Set up your language preferences for audio and subtitles.

  • Parental Control

    Enable this setting to filter content that is suited for family viewing.

  • System Setup

    Discover more channels as well as manage your free-to-air channels.

Building a safe entertainment
environment for your little ones.

Connect your box to the internet to enter the our brand new and dedicated KIDS section on OSN on demand. Let your kids have fun, while you enjoy peace of mind.

  • Strictly for kids

    Only family-friendly content available.

  • Toddler to Tween

    Curated content for all age groups.

  • In your language

    Dubbed and subtitled in your preferred language.

The power is in your hands!

Take control of your TV viewing experience, and tailor it to suit your choices and lifestyle.

Your LIVE tv channels play the way you want them to.

  • Missed that scene?

    Rewind it to catch up on it.

  • Got a call?

    Pause your tv and never miss a moment again.

  • Too boring?

    Forward and get past it quickly

Record to watch in your own time.

  • Record LIVE tv

    Press R on your remote and record LIVE tv. Press R again to cancel recording. You can also schedule recording for upcoming shows and movies by simply pressing “TV Guide” on your remote, scroll to what you’d like to record when it airs, hit R on your remote and set record time. That’s it!

  • Record FTA

    Go to your favorite FTA channel, hit the blue button on your OSN remote, and select channel name, day, start time, duration and frequency of recording, and hit “Set Recording”.

  • Series Link

    Want to record every episode as it airs in just one click? Search and select your favorite series in the schedule, and press R. When a pop up message offers to "Record Single Episode" or "Record Series", select the latter.

Effectively find what you’re in the mood of with advanced filters.

  • Can’t remember the name?

    Filter and find based on genre and cast.

  • Not sure if it’s family-friendly?

    Filter your search based on Parental Ratings.

  • Across everything

    Filter your search on LIVE tv as well as the digital library – OSN OnDemad.

International content in local language.

  • We speak your language

    Watch the biggest content in both, Arabic and English.

  • Subtitled & Dubbed

    Watch the biggest movies and shows with subtitles and/or dubbed in your preferred language.

  • Select your language

    Head to your channel and press “Lang/Subt.” on your OSN remote, and select your audio language and subtitle language.

Control what your kids watch at home..

  • Restrict and block

    Not just shows or movies, but complete channels too.

  • You call the shots

    You decide what’s appropriate and what’s not, for your child.

  • Set Parental Control

    Hit “Menu” on your remote, go to settings and select Parental Control. Enter your PIN (default PIN is 0000) and follow onscreen instructions. Done!