Life After Game of Thrones Is Everything Awesome & More!

May 21, 2019

Get ready to get HOOKED more than ever with awesome series & more on OSN…

Ahhh yes, the finale of Game of Thrones has come and gone and season 8 has had many of us SHOOK beyond imagination.

It brought us closer, shared emotions and shared a discussion for ideas, fan theories and created strong friendships…it was a series to remember – probably one that our grandchildren will be talking about.

But after the Game of Thrones storm passes us, you can be rest assured that there’s going to be brighter entertainment on the other side filled with rainbows and butterflies…and lots of popcorn, binging and moments of awe.

And because we’re your go-to entertainment outlet, we never want you to suffer from FOMO because there’s loads of amazing series, movies and entertainment coming your way.

Here's what we're recommending for you! 

If you loved all the drama, action and family backstabbing in GoT, then you'll LOVE this: 


WARRIOR, Season 1

Premiering June 12th at 22:00 KSA on OSN Series First

If you’re seeking the show to fill that void in your heart, then this one’s for you – it’s filled with action, crime, murder and lots of family backstabbing.

Based on the writing of martial arts ultra-legend Bruce Lee, Warrior is a crime drama series that tackles the works of a brutal gang in Chinatown, San Francisco.

With a hitman in training to become part of the most powerful organized crime families, Warrior will have you hooked to your screen at all the amazing fight scenes, plot twists and family drama. (sound familiar?)



If you live for girl drama, skeletons in the closet and juicy gossip- then you'll LOVE this: 


Premiering June 10th at 22:00 KSA on OSN Series First

With a stellar cast, including Reese Witherspoon, Nicole Kidman and Shailene Woodley as the three prominent mothers in Big Little Lies, we saw how season 1 left us with our jaws dropped on the floor.

It ironically tackles issues of domestic abuse, affairs and parental problems in the stunning houses of a beachfront town in Monterey, Calif.

Big Little Lies had us hooked as it portrayed the lives of three different families and how each mother copes with her issues inside her home and with her girlfriends only as a method to maintain the status quo in the tightknit community.

Revealing all the lies that arise from a neighborhood that’s based on lies, we’ll see how the ending and cover up of a murder will unravel itself this season.

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If you're passionate about feminist movements, standing up for what you believe in and strong female characters - then this series is for you! 

The Handmaid’s Tale, Season 3

Premiering June 6th at 22:00 KSA on OSN Series First

As you all know by now, The Handmaid’s Tale is based on Margaret Atwood’s best-selling novel and is set in Gilead, a unique society that was a part of the United States.

However, it becomes ruled by fundamentalists that treat women as the property of the state and in such uses them to repopulate after the world is hit with several environmental disasters causing the women who are fertile to become sexual beings solely for reproduction.

And this season, the main character, Offred, is determined to survive and save the women from this oppressive and paratracheal state…and most importantly find the daughter that was taken from her so cruely. 

Feminists and humanitarians will be inspired by this series to make a difference for women in society, to fight harder and to provide equal opportunities no matter what the case is – fictional societies or real societies.  

Pssssssst! Still not over Game of Thrones? Want to re-watch all the jaw-dropping scenes? Or if you just want to relive the moment...Then you can still watch seasons 1 to 8 on OSN Play whenever and wherever you want. Perhaps you can make out if what went down in the finale was justified! 

Honestly, we could go on and on and on and on about what’s coming straight to your TV screens at home and honestly, we’re super-duper excited about everything that’s to come and you should be too!

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Written by: Lara Obeidat
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