Game of Thrones Season 8 Trailer: What is Arya running from?

April 07, 2019

The final winter is here. Almost.

The final season of what has arguably become one of HBO’s biggest series has left the GoT fandom on edge for over a year, and we finally got a full length trailer to dissect.

At nearly two weeks away from the premiere date of Game of Thrones Season 8, here is what our little birds gathered from the latest teaser!

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arya stark game of thrones season 8

Over the seasons, Arya went from a tomboy little girl playing pretend in her lavish Northern home, to a hardened assassin on the run with a hit list of people she’s murdered and others she plans to. 

In the first official full length trailer, we see her running in the halls of what look like the Northern crypts, blood on her face – clearly terrified.

For even Arya to be so scared, rumors have it this can only mean the army of the dead are now within the Stark castle. Or a fan theory even worse… that Arya is running so fast because the White Walker behind her is someone she recognizes – maybe even a fallen Stark from previous seasons!


Captain Harry Strickland game of thrones season 8 golden company

This one goes back to an almost overlooked moment in Season 7…

Cersei sends Euron Greyjoy to retrieve the Golden Company – an army comprised of the strongest mercenaries in the realm known to commit to their highest bidder and never break a contract. In the new trailer, we see a fleet of Greyjoy warships sailing back to King’s Landing, presumably, but that’s not Euron Greyjoy leading them. It’s not Jamie Lannister either. 

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As many have come to speculate, that the blond locks facing away from the camera can only be our first mini introduction to Captain Harry Strickland. How convenient then that German actor Marc Rissmann, who was confirmed in October to play the character, has golden locks – but in the world of GoT anything is possible, and the mysterious newcomer could be anyone.  

Theories are flying in left right and center on what this means for the final battle – the most likely being that Cersei is planning on attacking The North with the Golden Company just as Daenerys & Jon Snow are weakened in their battle to save humanity. 



For the un-initiated, Cleganebowl has been a fan requested battle pre-dating the series and going all the way back to the books. It pitches two of Westeros’ strongest fighters against each other: the colossal Gregor “The Mountain” Clegane and his brother Sandor “The Hound” Clegane, disfigured as a child by the former. Both are associated to House Lannister, The Mountain having been turned into a zombie-like obedient bodyguard to Cersei and The Hound being a sworn protector.

Just as all hope seemed lost for Cleganebowl, the flames were reignited ahead of Season 8 after a promotional image showed the brothers, back to back and swords raised – clearly still in hatred of one another. The trailer also shows us the quickest glimpse of The Hound, surrounded by his only fear: fire.
Is this finally the battle we’ve been waiting for and if so, if this The Hound’s downfall? 

With only a couple of weeks to go before the final season, we'll soon find out which Westerosi whispers are true! 

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