Ramadan Series 2020 and Family Movies on OSN

April 30, 2020
The blessed season of Ramadan 2020 is finally here!

A time for family, a time for togetherness, a time for prayer, and a time for amazing entertainment for the entire family.
From 24 April to 16 May, you and your family can enjoy some of the greatest titles on OSN's Family Fun Pop Up channel. Discover over 30 titles, in crisp, glorious HD, ready for a full family viewing, at a touch of a button.

But that's not all - If you’re wondering what to watch this Ramadan, look no further! We have the greatest Ramadan series, dramas, movies and entertainment right here on OSN.

#StayHome this Ramadan and enjoy fantabulous family movies, series and more! There’s something for everyone – the parents, the siblings, and even the little ones. You can also enjoy watching epic Arabic dramas and comedies throughout Ramadan.

Apart from the biggest western blockbusters, you can also catch some of the most amazing Arabic drama series throughout the holy month of Ramadan 2020. Enjoy epic dramas, relive cinematic masterpieces from the Arabic genre with the entire family from the comfort of your home.

There’s so much to watch, so much to binge – and it’s all available in one convenient place, catered especially for you and your family. You can also stream all this epic content on our OSN Streaming app (available on the Play Store and App Store); your OSN Streaming app is available at no extra cost with all our subscriptions.

Alright then, let’s dive right into the variety of entertainment we have in store for you. We’re going to separate the next section into two: English movies available on OSN’s Family Fun Pop Up channel, and Arabic drama series not to be missed this Ramadan.
If you’re here looking for amazing Arabic drama to watch this Ramadan, you have some scrolling to do…
Mary Poppins Returns (2018)

This magical nanny is back! Tune in to experience the various adventures she encounters with the Banks, as she protects them from all kinds of danger.
Ralph Breaks the Internet (2018)

Ralph and his best friend, Vanellope face various challenges as they dive deep into the internet.
Wonder Park (2019)

A creative little girl discovers a run-down amusement park, and decides to fix it with the power of her own imagination.
Puss in Boots (2011)

Puss, along with Humpty Dumpty and Kitty Softpaws take on Jack & Jill to retrieve the magic beans.
Pete’s Dragon (2016)

This 2016 remake of a Disney classic is the story of a heart-warming orphan named Pete and the search for his big, green dragon named Elliot.
Aladdin, Aladdin and the King of Thieves, Aladdin (1992, 1996, 2019)

Join the loveable street urchin Aladdin on an adventure of a lifetime with his best buddies – a monkey named Abu, a magic carpet and a larger-than-life genie.
Enjoy the first original animated classic and its sequel, then watch the live-action remake featuring the ever loving genie played by the enigmatic Will Smith!
Alice in Wonderland (2010)

A teenage Alice follows a rabbit down into a magical wonderland from her dreams. This absolute classic by Tim Burton does not disappoint.
Dumbo (2019)

The adorable story of a circus performer and his baby elephant with oversized ears. Meet, Dumbo, your new favorite Disney classic.
Percy Jackson & The Olympians: The Lightning Thief (2010)

Percy suffers from Dyslexia and ADHD. Oh, he’s also a demigod, and is accused of stealing Zeus’s lightning bolt! This is quite literally a story of a man who stood up to the Gods.
Moana (2016)

Disney’s newest princess embarks on an epic journey to return the heart of Goddess Te Fitti, and save her tribe from starvation or worse – extinction.
Maleficent (2014)

The story of a kind-hearted fairy wronged by love. Revenge is a curse, best served cold.
Black Panther (2018)

After the death of his father, T’Challa returns home to take his rightful place as the King of Wakanda, but is met with unexpected resistance from an enemy of the family.
The Amazing Spider-Man 2 (2014)

In the second generation of Spider-Man films we received; Peter Parker must embark on a mission to protect everyone he loves from a host of new villains.
The Indiana Jones Saga
Raiders of the Lost Ark (1981), Temple of Doom (1984), The Last Crusade (1989), Kingdom of the Crystal Skull (2008)

Before we go ahead, can we all just agree that Raiders of the Lost Ark was one of the greatest movies ever made? Can we? Good, thank you.
Do you still need a reason to watch it? Then here’s one – a young, dashing Harrison Ford in a race against Nazi’s to find a biblical artifact known as the Ark of the Covenant.

AND here are the top-rated Arabic dramas you simply cannot miss this Ramadan:
Daily during Ramadan, at 22:00 KSA on OSN Yahala Al Oula

Adel Imam is back on TV this Ramadan, with a hilarious comedy series called Valentino. The story revolves around a businessman and the rocky relationship with his wife. That’s until love finds him, again.
Al Sahher
Daily during Ramadan, at 21:00 KSA on OSN Yahala Al Oula

An ordinary man leaves his humble town to enter the world of commerce and make it big at any cost. Will he get lucky? Or will he let his biggest opportunities pass him by?
Al Nahat
Daily during Ramadan, at 19:00 KSA on OSN Yahala Al Oula

Yaman embarks on a mysterious journey when he finds a photo album with clues and stories of the people who feature in them.
El Berens
Daily during Ramadan, at 23:00 KSA on OSN Yahala Al Oula

After the untimely death of his parents, Radwan El Prince finds himself responsible for everyone in his family. Will he rise up to the occasion?
B100 Wesh
Daily during Ramadan, at 20:00 KSA on OSN Yahala Al Oula

A family-fun comedy based on two actors with similar comedic ironies.
El Futowa
Daily during Ramadan, 01:00 am KSA on OSN Yahala Al Oula

Everything in this poor neighborhood is run by a class of powerful people known as “The Fatwa”, who also bear the responsibility for everyone living there. This series deep-dives into the lives of people living there; this is their story.
Sultanat Al Ma’az
Daily during Ramadan, at 21:00 KSA on ART Hekayat and Hekayat HD

An urban woman inherits a liver truck from her father, and is constantly struggling to educate and raise her brothers. She also hit rock bottom, until something drastic, yet unexpected happens!
Shahed A’ayan
Daily during Ramadan, at 21:00 KSA on ART Hekayat 2

A security officer named Omar is known for his high-intelligence and efficiency. He must now plan and prevent the biggest terrorist operation he has ever seen!
Daily during Ramadan, at 22:00 KSA on ART Hekayat 2
A must-watch drama series which takes place between the 50s and 80s, and revolves around two families and all the events that transpire over time.

We hope you enjoy our selection of top blockbusters and entertaining drama this Ramadan, and enjoy hours of content with the family. To know more about all our channels, our Ramadan series and channel information, click here.

From everyone at OSN, we would like to wish you and your family a blessed Ramadan Kareem.
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Unmissable Ramadan Offer!

Unmissable Ramadan Offer!

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