Ramadan Entertainment Line-up

March 26, 2024

Explore Unmatched Movies and Series on OSNtv 

Immerse yourself in the spirit of the holy month with our exclusive line up of content. We are bringing you a selection of heartwarming Ramadan series, enthralling Ramadan movies, and family-friendly Ramadan TV shows to make your celebration truly special. Take advantage of our Ramadan sale and enrich your evenings with endless entertainment.

Must-watch titles this Ramadan:


Ikhwaty (Season 4)

A heart-touching tale of kinship and resilience, "Ikhwaty" captures the spirit of family that resonates deeply during Ramadan. Watch as four siblings navigate life's challenges, supporting each other with the unbreakable bond of family.


The Regime

This Ramadan, elevate your TV experience with HBO's latest series, "The Regime," featuring Kate Winslet in a breathtaking role that dissects the complexities of leadership and power. A must-watch addition to our Ramadan series collection.


El Kebeer Awy (Season 7)

In the seventh season and one year after El-Kabeer’s marriage to Marbouha, many disagreements arise between them. While Johnny is trying to create a new project in Mazraita.


Apples Never Fall

Former tennis coaches Stan and Joy have sold their successful tennis academy and are ready to start what should be the golden years of their lives.



Join us for a cinematic journey through the life of Elvis Presley. This biopic goes beyond the glitz and glamour, offering an introspective look at the rock 'n' roll icon and the significant figures in his life like his manager Colonel Tom Parker, and the pivotal influence of Priscilla Presley.



Winner of 7 Oscars: The brilliant physicist J. Robert Oppenheimer’s role in the development of the atomic bomb and his pulse-pounding paradox of risking the world in order to save it..


The Flash

When a deadly group of Rogues descend on Central City led by a powerful new threat, The Flash and his team must once again defy impossible odds to save the day. But as The Rogues are defeated, a deadly new adversary rises to challenge Barry Allen's heroic legacy.


Dream Scenario

A hapless family man finds his life turned upside down when millions of strangers suddenly start seeing him in their dreams.



The events follow the life a self-made businessman who finds himself caught between the woman he's about to marry and an old flame who's come back into his life.


Night Court

Follows judge Abby Stone, as she presides over the night shift of a Manhattan arraignment court and tries to bring order to its crew.


East New York 

Police procedural following Deputy Inspector Regina Haywood and her diverse team in East New York's 74th Precinct.

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