OSN On Demand Setup

Content to Convenience:
Unbox a World of Entertainment

Enjoy the all-new OSN box with a brand-new environment, where you can seamlessly navigate through channels and content.

Get even more when you connect your OSN box to the internet. Step into a world where movies, series and more come in your preferred language.

We’ve got even better news!

Connecting your OSN box doesn’t slow down your internet.

Don’t wait, discover the wonders of your OSN Box today.

Your wish is OnDemand

Your wish is OnDemand!

There’s no place like OSN OnDemand – whether your priority is what to watch or how to watch or even when to watch, OSN OnDemand has you covered!

All it takes is one click to enter a digital library full of hundreds of movies, including those that are still running in the cinemas, series with complete seasons, top-notch Arabic entertainment as well as a dedicated section for KIDS only. Sounds like a lot? Well, it’s very easy to find what you like with defined folder systems and smart search options. What makes this even more special, is that unlike a regular TV, you can watch it all anytime you want.

  • 10,000+ hours of entertainment

    800+ movies, 100 boxsets and 85+ series

  • Easy-peasy browsing

    With defined folder system

  • Can’t find something?

    Use the search button

  • Rich library

    From the latest to the classics.

  • Watch it repeatedly

    One rent is available for 48 hours, after all.

  • No card required

    Use your OSN credit to rent.

  • Straight from the cinema

    To you, before anyone else.

  • Make it yours

    Create your personal collection.

  • More savings than you expect

    Use OSN credit to watch with your entire gang.

OSN Kids Section

Building a safe entertainment environment for your little ones.

Connect your box to the internet to enter our brand new and dedicated KIDS section on OSN OnDemand. Let your kids have fun, while you enjoy peace of mind.

strictly for kids

Strictly for kids

Only family-friendly content available.

toddler to tween

Toddler to Tween

Curated content for all age groups.

We speak your language

In your language

Dubbed and subtitled in your preferred language.