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Keep the little ones entertained this month with a huge collection of specially priced Disney movies on OSN Store.

As a gift to you every time you buy and keep a Disney title for your collection you’ll automatically be entered into our draw to WIN a magical family trip to Tokyo. The more titles you buy the greater your chances are!

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WIN a Disney trip to Tokyo

OSN new york trip

OSN and Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures are giving one lucky family (two adults and two children between 12 to 16 years) the chance to experience futurisitc Tokyo. Our winners are off to a Big Hero robot adventure. Winning families (or can be two adults only) will tour the high tech capital of the world, Tokyo.

  • Roundtrip flights from UAE to Tokyo for family of four (two adults and two children under 16 years)
  • Four nights/five days in Tokyo (four-star) hotel accommodation + breakfast
  • Hi Tech Robot Evening at Gundam Cafe
  • Experience Puroland & Electric Town in Tokyo
  • Visit the Interactive futuristic World at Miraikan
  • Travel Insurance
Terms and conditions apply.
  1. The promoter of this competition has hired DJP Marketing & Promotions Ltd. To handle the complete fulfillment of the grand prize holiday. DJP Marketing & Promotions Ltd. Is registered in the UK. Company Registration number 8065185 registered to address 107 Bell Street, London NW1JTL, England
  2. At least one winner traveling must be over the age of 18 years.
  3. Winners must be in possession of a valid 5-year passport and must have a minimum of 90 days validity for the duration of the prize holiday. All entry visas, ESTA forms, and/or travel documents are the sole responsibility of the winner including visa costs if applicable. DJP Marketing & Promotions Ltd. Does not arrange entry visas.
  4. All prize winners will receive confirmation that they have won a prize via e-mail and by phone (providing a contact number has been provided) within three days of the competition being finished.
  5. Personal Information about prize winners will be shared with initiator of prize and their agents to the extent necessary for prizes to be delivered to the prize winners.
  6. Winners must provide a copy of their passports to ensure names are spelled correctly and validity of their passports.
  7. Winners must give at least 60 days' notice prior to their requested departure date.
  8. All prizes are non-transferable. No cash alternative is available for any prize. In the unlikely event that a prize should become unavailable (due to force majeure or prize not being suitable for the winners, etc). DJP Marketing & Promotions Ltd. reserves the right to substitute a prize which it may determine as being of equal value.
  9. The holidays are subject to availability and blackout dates will apply unless specifically pre-arranged prior to the competition being run. Blackout dates include peak Christmas (December 10 to January 5 annually) and may include peak August.
  10. The winners must go within 12 months of winning their holiday. Winners will be requested to provide three separate dates of preferred travel and DJP Marketing & Promotions Ltd. Will work towards fulfilling at least one of winner's preferred date of travel. Winners who do not travel within 12 months will become null and void and no longer entitled to their grand prize
  11. Unless otherwise stated in the package, all other costs including meals and spending money are the responsibility of winner.
  12. Once confirmed in writing, travel dates and names of those traveling are not changeable without incurring extra fees and may not be possible if a non-refundable or non-changeable ticket has been purchased.
  13. Winners must sign a legal acceptance form provided by DJP Marketing & Promotions Ltd. prior to departure as standard procedure.
  14. DJP Marketing & Promotions has offered this grand prize in good faith and the specifics of the grand prize holiday are as stated in original proposal provided to the initiator of promotion.
  15. Nothing in this travel package authorizes any person to use The Walt Disney Company's and its affiliated companies name, brand, intellectual property, characters or reputation in conjunction with this travel package or any prize promotions whatsoever.
  16. The Walt Disney Company and each of their respective parent, affiliates, and subsidiaries are not responsible for the promotion, administration or execution of the travel package, competition, contest or sweepstakes.

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