These Comedy Series Are the Prank Inspirations You Need for April Fools

March 31, 2019
As the clock strikes 12 o'clock tonight, everyone will be sleeping with one eye open…and that’s not because a late meal or a scary movie, but the most dreaded day in the entire year.

April Fools is everyone’s dreaded occasion but the funniest day to pass by – with pranks happening left and right, it’s become a mission for people not to be pranked.

From using TP on someone’s front yard or using hundreds of Post-Its on a parked car, it’s a known fact that no one is safe from pranks on April 1st.

Especially if you’ve grown up with siblings (more if you were the youngest of them all) April Fools became a preparation for the ultimate day of international mistrust.

And there are three rules to April Fools, which guarantee safety: first, trust no one. Second, be aware. Third, always be the prankster and never the pranked.

But if you're just playing it safe on the 1st of April, then just chill with your family and watch a movie instead!

With less than a few hours to the jokester day, we’ve prepared the funniest moments from these comedy series that are guaranteed to have you giggling your worries away.

(And you might just find inspiration for your next prank)

Veep, season 7

Every Monday at 21:00 KSA on OSN Series First.

HBO’s political satire follows Selina Meyer, a female vice-president of the United States on her candidacy and political journey as a woman.

Veep may have some profanity, but it’s all in good humor thanks to Julia Louis-Dreyfus’ outstanding performance and humor throughout.

For those who haven’t had the chance to watch Veep before, there’s a certain dark undertone to Meyer’s humor.

From the way she eloquently delivers her lines – as she tells off literally everyone in the room for their incompetence, she'll have you shocked at the things she blurts out.

To the way she supports her fellow coworkers in the utmost professional manner…we’re talking about the time she tried to explain why the senator’s swearing-in ceremony can’t be rescheduled to her secretary…comparing it to “explaining gravity to a chicken.”

Nonetheless, if your planning on being sassy this April Fools and using humor as your armor, then there are a few lessons to be learnt from Meyers.

Not a fan of these three comedy series? Don't worry, check out our whooooole comedy line-up that guarantee a chuckle here and there. 

Barry, season 2

Every Monday at 21:30 KSA on OSN Series First

Another HBO special series is the second season of Barry starring Barry Berkman (played by Bill Hader) in a distraught and depressed low mark in his life.

As he tries to start a new life as an actor, Barry finds himself always drawn to the eager and hopeful actors with one student, Sally, who becomes his muse and focus.

So much so that he takes it upon himself to stalk, observe and make Sally at the center of his life...while fighting off bad guys, excelling in his acting classes and maintaining a somewhat healthy life. 

So, if you were looking for some tips & tricks of how to properly observe your prey for your prank this April Fools, Barry is your go-to man to the ultimate (and borderline creepy) stalking techniques.

With creepy undertones, Barry will make you uncomfortable but will also make you laugh till you can’t breathe – which is a not a bad combination for a comedy movie about low-life points.

Better Things, season 3

Starting April 16, every Tuesday at 22:00 KSA on OSN Series Comedy

Tackling single parenthood, Better Things stars Kelly Affinado and a hilarious story written by Pamela Adlon and Louis C.K.

Better Things talks about the story of Kelly as she mothers three children and an actor while trying to manage a business whose reputation has hit the drains for tossing older women aside.

Certain humor and funny cues may appeal to the parents out there, but it’s still hilarious for every family member because Better Things shows family life in its truest and rawest form and that is enough to leave you chuckling at the mom jokes, parent screw-ups and family drama.

With four strong women in the comedy series, it’s hard not to connect with one of them – there’s the oldest daughter whose going through relationships and break-ups, the middle daughter who’s too responsible for her teenage age, the youngest who is an emotional bully to her sisters, the mother who’s a hot mess and the grandmother who’s just a little OTT. 

Regardless of the scenarios, however, you’ll never have a dull moment while watching Better Things and you might even get inspired by the never-ending battles between the youngest and middle daughter…portraying sibling rivalry at its best.

Watch these comedy series & lots more and LOL with the whole fambam on OSN, with new & exclusive releases, same time as the U.S!

Written by: Lara Obeidat
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