Game of Thrones: Most Gruesome Deaths

February 18, 2019

From the gruesome to the satisfying deaths of several players in Game of seems as if death is inevitable for those in bid for the throne. 

We've been warned not to create a connection with any of the characters, because let's face it...we don't know how long our connection will last and that's all thanks to the creator of the fantasy TV series, George R.R. Martin.

But even though death has been central to the amazingly realistic and ‘’unprocessed’’ series of Game of Thrones - the representation of the "unsettling" deaths, unravels fantasies or should we say, our worst nightmares.

With its incredibly raw and gruesome imagery, the death of our main characters will surely not be an image that is easy to forget.

Oberyn Martell

The first and most gruesome death on the list is Oberyn Martell’s face being bashed by the Mountain.

His two main crimes being: impatient, and too likeable.

Oberyn is known for his intelligence, high moral standards, unparallel sense of humor and his similarity with Arya Stark, in his pursue to punish who kills the weak. All of which makes him the most likeable character in Game of Thrones.

The clear lack of parity in the fight, with Oberyn being drunk, emotionally hurt, and lacking proper armor against a ‘’naturally stronger’’ opponent exaggerates the lack of justice that he sought so much after.

The initial sense of hope that fills us is crushed by The Red Viper’s false move, as his eyes are pushed against his tender skull, exploding like a popped bloody grape, with his lifeless body plumbing to the ground, as his horrifying scream, so unusual of his comic personality, still echoes in our minds.

Which left us screaming at our screens in horror...a little like this: 

Guaranteed to make your blood boil, and it’s not only because of the brutality, but the disappointment in the lack of humanity and justice for the brutal murder and rape of his family, that led to a crushingly painful and hard to watch defeat.

What can we say, the flame that burns twice as bright, burns half as long.

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Shireen Baratheon

The second ‘’most gruesome death’’ award goes to: Princess Shireen Baratheon, the daughter of Stannis Baratheon and Selyse Baratheon, for being burned alive as a sacrifice to the Lord of Light. 

We especially found this death tragic, as Shireen had spent her childhood, a period ironically considered "happy," locked in a tower, solely because of her appearance, something she had no control over.

We also have seen how she had been betrayed by her parents, figures that should have protected her. Moreover, her only friendly "father" figure, Davos, still does not know of her death.

The playful innocence of the little princess as she holds a wooden stag, and hugs her cold, remorseless father Stannis, is just the start of her downfall.

We were certainly shocked when we saw Shireen hugging her father, whilst he murmured: "Please forgive me," words she sadly did not grasp, that warned us of her imminent death.

No one expected Stannis, the same "gentle natured," dedicated father we had seen previously in the series, to cold-bloodedly send her to her flaming death.

Her screams are extremely hard to listen to, especially with the shot of Melisandre grinning playfully at the flames, as they wrap around her frail, pale body.

It is clear that the most good natured characters in Game of Thrones have the most painful deaths, however, it weirdly does not stop us from watching the series!

Viserys Targaryen

The third most gruesome death is ‘’Viserys Targaryen’’, the cause of his death being molten gold.

In Game of Thrones, season 1 episode 6, our innocence was subjected to a test, how far could Game of Thrones actually have gone?

This was put to the test when  Khal Drogo, husband of Daenerys Targaryen, took it upon himself to take her meadeling brother out. For good.

Our hypothesis was proved to be wrong and whilst boiling a man’s brain in it’s cranium could be considered to be gruesome, our idea of "gruesome or not" will change through the series.

Just wait!

What we do know is that his death is highly ironic, as, being the abusive brother he is, he had traded her sister Danaerys in hopes of receiving a gold crown.

Here is your crown, Viserys!

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Talisa Stark 

The 4th most gruesome death in the list is "Talisa Stark," the cause of death being her stabbed in her pregnant belly by Frey.

In season 3, episode 9, we might have noticed that Game of Thrones has a philosophy of life: "Go big, or go home."

The incredible graphics of the scene have seen us checking our pulse, hypertension anyone?

No one could have expected the aftermath of the song: "The rains of Castamere," what we do know is that blood will be pouring in the scene.

The merciless blunts of the swords, that checked out to be five, right after the hopeful and tender confession of Talisa to her love, Robb, about how if she had a boy, she would have named him ‘’Eddard’’, could not resonate with our minds, still tainted from the previous deaths.

Talisa’s condition and ruthless murder truly embodies Game of Thrones' search for the ‘’unsettling’’, which is what differentiates GoT from any other known series.

While we're on the topic, a common fan theory states that King Robb Stak, who is the eldest son of Lord Eddard Stark is believed to be the half-brother of Jon Snow. 
Hold your tears, misery is coming!


The fifth most tragic death in Goneeds to be Hodor's death, who died killed by the white walkers, whilst protecting Bran and Meera from them.

But why? What makes it the saddest death in the series?

In GoT he appears at first as an "unimportant," disabled stablekeeper, who’s limited vocabulary only includes: "Hodor," which initially made us think that is was his name.

His only role in the series involves carrying Bran Stark through their journey, right after their escape from Theon’s grasp. We also understand that he is incredibly loyal to the Starks.

But what was his past?

We get a peek into his past simultaneously to his death. His real name was Wylis, he was an articulate and intelligent child (who knew?) , whose disability was  directly related to Bran Stark’s time travels.

We also understand that "Hodor" actually means: Hold the Door!

Sadly, his death is caused by the same person who ruined his life, Bran Stark.

Could he be considered a bad guy? Is Hodor only one of the many victims of the ruthless mentality of this game of powers?

Ser Rodrick Cassel 

The 6th most gruesome death will blow your head off, "literally."

The victim of the beheading in this case isn’t you though, but "Ser Rodrick Cassel," consider yourself lucky, you certainly would miss Ned Stark if you were in his place!

In the first episodes, we can see that Ned’s Stark beheading technique is fast and neat, however, in season 2 episode 6, we see the complete opposite, with Theon Greyjoy giving four botched blows, before finally kicking his head, as it rolls off and finals his extremely painful execution.


Ahhh the poor Ned Stark had it easy with one clean blow to the head, but his wife, Catelyn Stark, did not. We all remember the curse bestowed on the Starks...especially that Red Wedding, which left us turning our heads away in pure angst.

And unlike the good lives taken at the gruesome Red Wedding, we knew that whenever Greyjoy was thrown in the mix...someone's death was likely to be painful and horrific.

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