Mother’s Day Movies: Time to Treat Your Mom

March 18, 2019

Appreciating all that our mothers have done for us shouldn’t just be on Mother’s Day…

And even though March 21st (Mother’s Day) is coming up, mothers need to be appreciated every single day of an ordinary year. 

We’ve grown up with them by our side, whilst they made sure that our bellies are full of food and minds full of encouragement and love – it’s obvious that nothing compares to motherly love.

To every woman out there, mother or not, you are all selfless, strong and beautiful, which is why this day is dedicated to you.

For you to be appreciated.

For you to be loved.

For you to be pampered.

And for you to sit back, prop your legs up with the remote in one hand and a cup of tea in the other with your loved ones around.

So, make your mother feel like a queen on this special day with our back-to-back best movies for Mother’s Day this Thursday, March 21st starting from 10:00 KSA on OSN Movies HD.
  1. Nine lives

A classic family movie that the whole family will love is this role reversable comedy starring Kevin Spacey as Tom Brand and Jennifer Garner as Lara Brand.

Tom is a billionaire who owns a construction company but leads a workaholic lifestyle that comes in the way of spending time with his family…so much so that he almost misses his daughter Rebecca’s 11th birthday.

But as he buys a harmless cat from a mysterious pet store, Tom suddenly switches roles with the cat and is trapped inside the kitty’s body.

In a bizarre turn of events, Tom must connect with his family in less than a week or will be trapped in the Mr. Fuzzypants forever.

Looking for new movies to watch this March? Well look no further, we’ve got the ultimate list for even the pickiest watcher in the family.
  1. Freaky Friday

What Mother’s Day would be complete without the epitome of mother-daughter bonding film? We’re talking about Freaky Friday of course.

Which is probably every daughter’s worst nightmare, but every mother’s wish come true.

With Jamie Lee Curtis playing a single mother and Lindsay Lohan playing the teenage daughter – the two end up switching bodies for a more perspective building life exercise.

For the daughter Anna, it’s an insight of what the mother must endure on a day-to-day basis as an adult, and for the mother Tess, it’s a blast of the past as she gets to live out a carefree teenage life again.

In the process of finding a solution to this cryptic fortune test, the two develop a new sense of understanding and respect for each other.
  1. Wonder

Guaranteed to be a tear-jerker, this family drama-comedy stars Owen Wilson and Julia Roberts with a very special role played by Jacob Tremblay.

Wonder is based on a New York bestselling book, which tackles the story of August Pullman who is a young boy but just looks different than all the other boys – his facial differences may make him different, but August is the sweetest, funniest and caring little boy.

The movie follows August as he enters 5th grade for the first time in his young life, he is faced with situations of bonding with kids his age and being out in the open…he tackles his insecurities and makes new friends along the way.

Make sure to keep your tissue box nearby because we’re almost certain you’ll be reaching for it within the first half of the movie.

If you’re looking to take a time-out this Mother’s Day but your youngsters are too active, then these top animated feature films will keep them engaged while you rest.

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  1. Mothers and Daughters

If you’ve ever wondered what it’s like to be a mother, this is the movie that truly reflects what it means to be a mom by featuring interwoven stories of women.

With single gal pal Rigby Gray (Selma Blair) as the glue of the film, Mothers and Daughters explores the story of a photographer who is hit with an unexpected pregnancy, which forces her to change her priorities.

As every mother fits her life priorities for the wellbeing of her children, Rigby slowly comes to terms with these drastic life changes and ends up reconnecting with her own estranged mother.

In her own artistic expression, she explores the relationships of mothers and daughters and reflects it in her photography, which proves to be a successful and rewarding move of hers, professionally and personally.

For the couples out there, if Mother’s Day is another day to remind your loved ones that date nights are necessary, then these cuddle-inducing movies are just what you need.
  1. Mother’s Day

If you’re looking for the best Mother’s Day movie but can’t find one, why not watch one that’s literally titled after the special day.

Mother’s Day is a classic romantic comedy movie starring an A-list celebrity cast with Jennifer Aniston, Kate Hudson, Jason Sudeikis and Julia Roberts.

A recognizable cast for a truly relatable plot with different stories of different women at different stages of their lives.

The first is of Sandy, a single mom who finds herself stressed out with her life status, but quickly finds out that her ex-husband is marrying a younger woman.

The second is of Jesse, a fitness enthusiast, who is so private that her parents don’t even know that she has a family of her own.

The third is of Bradley, who is a widower and is trying to raise his two daughters with no help but his own.

And finally the fourth is of Miranda, who is a career-oriented strong woman who is not to worried about having kids.

All four lives are intertwined and their stories start to change as soon as each realize the true meaning behind Mother’s Day.

Treat your mom to an OSN pack this Mother’s Day and let her take the break she deserves with the movies and series she loves!

Written by: Lara Obeidat
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