Sheroes Take Over Your Screens!

March 12, 2020


Yeap! She’s no longer the perfectly blow-dried damsel in distress, sighing, “My Hero!”. She has turned the tables, and is saving the world, one strong role at a time.

Whether it is Captain Marvel shattering bones (*cough* patriarchy *cough*), or Julia Robert’s cult-defining journey of self-discovery in Eat Pray Love, female-led movies have made a mark in contemporary Hollywood, as well as at the top of our watch lists.

Which is why, to celebrate Women’s Month, OSN has curated the best women-centric movies on an exclusive themed tv channel – OSN Pop Up Eve. Starting from International Women’s Day – March 8th, you can watch the most inspiring true stories and the most fascinating fictions of main female characters, all on one channel, back-to-back-to-back, until Mother’s Day – March 21.


In fact, the #girlpower is so strong on OSN Pop Up Eve that it was tough to cherry pick top movies out of the 30+ flicks, we’re showcasing right now. But then, a girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do, right? So, brace yourself for the best team of women - female characters, female directors in comedy movies, drama, action and thrillers!



I Feel Pretty 

A romcom starring the hilarious Amy Schumer is about an average and insecure dame that meets with a little accident, but when she gains her consciousness, she also gains her confidence, because she now believes that she is a different person in a different body.

Captain Marvel

Marvel joins the league of female-led action films with OSCARS-winning actress, Brie Larson, in and as Captain Marvel – the first movie in the superheroine franchise that showcases a Kree warrior get stranded on earth, only to discover her true powers.

The Hustle

In this hilarious comedy of errors, the gorgeous Anna Hathaway is a sophisticated and charming con artist, who meets the cute and clumsy con star, Rebel Winson, only to find out that they’re hunting the same preys aka victims.

Mary Queen of Scots

This is the real Game of Thrones! Watch Queen Mary of Scotland, and her sister, Queen Elizabeth I fighting for the throne, while defying society’s ideas of female independence. Mary Queen of Scots is equal measure of great performance and astute storytelling of power, love, ambition and all the emotions that maketh a woman.

A Simple Favor

Can two women really be friends? Based on the thrilling book by the same name, catch the single mom Vlogger, Anna Kendrick, whose life turns around when she befriends the high-profile, mysterious, Blake Lively.

Eat Pray Love


This popular adaptation turned into a phenomenon when the OSCARS-winning actress, Julia Roberts took the world on a journey of self-discovery and second innings through Italy, India and Indonesia, trying to re-embrace her life after a shattering divorce.

Veronica Guerin

The iconic Cate Blanchett turns this true crime thriller into a gritty, edge-of-the-seat experience as she plays an investigative reporter who is determined to expose the bad guys behind the big drug trades in the city.

What Men Want

Just when the overshadowed female sports agent (Taraji P. Henson) was getting exhausted of fighting in a man’s world, she mysteriously gains the ability to hear men’s thoughts, and she is not going to stop using it to her advantage.

Gloria Bell

Gloria is a free-spirited young woman who has a desk job in the day, and is on the dance floor at nights, but when new love enters her free world, she struggles to navigate the balance of it all. Be prepared, this ain’t your classic romcom!

Second Act

Jennifer Lopez is in her 40s and an Assistant Manager at Value Shop, who is dreaming of her ultimate promotion, when she gets replaced by a millennial. Will this disappointment stop her, or her street smartness make her the star of Madison Avenue?

And if you thought, that was all, then you’re highly mistaken, because we’ve got a lot more award-winning Mother's Day movies and OSCARS-nominated Women's Day movies for you…..

Grab your popcorn, and call it a day in front of our exclusive tv channel – OSN Pop Up Eve or watch your favorite ones anytime you like via our digital library on OSN On Demand, because really… girls must have all the fun!

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