Spoiler Alert: Here’s The Biggest Plot Twist From Luther Season 5

January 15, 2019

Could Alice Morgan be revived for the return of Luther season 6?

After years of following BBC’s crime drama television series, Luther’s season 5 was not the afternoon cuppa’ tea many fans were awaiting.

An usual ending with lots of unanswered questions, fans were left in awe and shock at the nerve-wrecking ending of Luther.

And even more worrisome feelings at the news of season 5 being the final series of Luther.

While we should expect nothing more from the infamous show with such a charming character, Luther…  a twisted plot, a murderous rampage and the double death of his partner and his long-time lover means that the show cannot be left on such a high.

DCI John Luther, played by Idris Elba, may present signs of complex character syndrome, but we never thought that Luther would find himself all alone at the end of series 5 - and by alone, we mean reallyyyy alone…

Without Ruth Wilson’s “Alice Morgan” in Luther, who would go on to provoke his boyish charm or passion filled impulsiveness? Who’s going to save him in the brink of time? Or torture his enemies for a chance at redemption?

We weren’t ready to say bye to Alice so suddenly and maybe we don’t need to…

Conspiracy fan theories may sometimes be far from the truth, but there are signs that indicate that Alice might not actually be dead and here’s a popular one.

Alice & Luther: A never-ending teasing game


Luther’s longtime lover and nemesis, Alice Morgan, may have gotten on his nerves with her impulsive and bad choices, however, the duo got on better than peanut butter and jam.

With a violent relationship (Alice shooting him time and time again) there’s no denying that the two may truly be in a game of love.

We never thought that Luther would be able to love again after the death of his beloved wife, Zoe Luther, back in season 1 but Alice changed the game.

Luther might have been in a state of denial at the scene of Alice’s death, but as a detective he should know that Alice is a conman at work.

For the chase of the game, Alice is always teasing Luther – disappearing for months on end, getting new identities and then reappearing in his life when he least expects it.

So what makes this time any different?

The woman behind the devious schemes, could have easily faked her own death yet AGAIN.
Season 5 ended in a chase between the two and of course gunfire - Alice follows Luther to the house where Dr Jeremy Lake was hiding.

Arriving to the house, John Luther finds the horrific works of serial killer, Dr Jeremy, who was holding DS Catherine Halliday hostage and in a bloody encounter, Luther manages to knock him unconscious and free his partner.

Waking up after the altercation, Halliday accuses Luther of using her as bate and as the argument gets heated, Alice shows up and shoots her dead.

Alice and Luther then find themselves in a shoot-out, which results in Alice injuring Luther with several bullets…but as she finds herself with one bullet left, Luther pleads with her to stop and turn herself in.

A naïve assumption on part of the show’s main character, Alice attempts to shoot her last bullet, but a frail Luther manages to push her off the platform.

What felt to be the longest couple of seconds to viewers, this nail-biting moment was put at ease when Luther manages to grab her arm and save her from falling down.

But here’s where we think the master scheme comes into plan - Alice is the reason behind her own demise when she used a blade to cut herself free from Luther’s grip as she dangled meters off the ground. 

Falling to her death on the ground underneath Luther, authorities show up seconds later and arrest Luther for the multiple deaths at the scene.

However, some fans believe that Alice may have gotten up and walked away as a balaclava-clad figure who was seen leaving the scene whilst not wearing a helmet like other armed police and this weird coincidence may be the reason behind their suspicion.

With Luther now vulnerable and under the hold of authorities – perhaps now Alice has him exactly where she wants him.

And after this whirlwind of an ending, the inconsistency in Alice’s demeanor leaves fans wondering if she would be “revived" for season 6.

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Written by: Lara Obeidat
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