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Join now, Watch now
on any device!

Watch your favorite movies, TV series and everything you love on the go at no extra cost, as part of your OSN TV subscription!

Download the OSN Streaming app on iOS or Android mobiles and tablets. Sign up on upto 5 devices and get instant access to endless entertainment, anytime, anywhere.

OSN OnDemand

Want to access
a full digital library?

Browse our extensive collection with OSN OnDemand, and have your pick at no extra cost from a vast range of movies, series, kids content & more to watch whenever suits you best.

Simply hit the red button on your remote and select “On Demand” to start – make sure your OSN Box is connected to the Internet.

How to connect your box
OSN Store

Want to enjoy
the latest cinema-hits from home?

From the big screen to your TV screen - purchase or rent the latest cinema releases on OSN Store and watch in your own comfort!

Simply hit the red button on your remote, select “OSN Store” and get your movie in a few clicks – remember to make sure your OSN Box is connected to the Internet.

Browse movies on OSN Store

Get the perfect family-time with OSN Home

Keep it cozy with all your favorites and some exclusives.

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Get first and exclusive access with OSN Home Plus

Feel spoilt with all the exclusive channels, OSN credit and OSN Streaming.

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