What’s your favorite TV moment?


Have you ever gone to your favorite restaurant, ordered a dish you love, enjoyed every single bite and walked out without paying? Like most law-abiding citizens, you probably haven’t. Presumably because it is a crime to steal.

Similar to dining, we all love to be entertained. Whether it is a blockbuster movie or a TV series, the quest to find great entertainment has led many to turn to alternative sources. Illegal sources.
The rise of content Content Theft and illegal streaming means people are essentially enjoying every single moment and walking out without paying. This has negative consequences on everyone involved, including you.

What is Content Theft ?
Content Theft is downloading, copying, sharing, watching or distributing content through an unauthorized provider or without a valid subscription.

Content Theft includes any of the following:
  • Watching TV through an illegal set top box
  • Smart card sharing
  • Sharing log in details
  • Online streaming from illegal websites
  • Downloading from torrent sites
To find out how this affects you please continue reading below. 
What you need to know

Content theft - 1
How does content theft effect you?
Viewing content illegally puts you at risk of possible prosecution, fines, jail time or loss of residence visa. Exposure to malware and other security risks. Loss of money if box fails. Lack of parental control.
Content theft - 2
Why does it matter?
The content aired on television is not free to create. Millions of people work in the creative industry that brings to life the entertainment we know and love. Content theft causes loss of revenue, leading to budget cuts, which leads to loss of jobs.
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What is being done?
Most countries globally and in the GCC currently enforce strict laws to protect copyright and intellectual property. Such laws help stem the use of illegal suppliers and servers and have severe consequences for those who violate them.
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What can I do?
Everyone has a role to play. You can help by alerting us whenever you find content that is being distributed or shared illegally. Simply send us an email and we will do the rest.