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Dubai, UAE - Oct 19, 2020

OSN’s exciting October line-up includes the OSN Original Production Arabic reality TV show Yalla Neta’asha, new and exclusive Turkish and Korean dubbed content, and two stunts celebrating legendary female icons Nadine Labaki and Souad Hosni

Kick-off the month of October with OSN’s brand new Arabic Original series, ‘Yalla Neta’asha’, and critically acclaimed movies starring the ‘Cinderella of Egyptian Cinema’, Souad Hosni. Whether viewers are in the mood for non-stop laughter, a healthy debate, or a cosy night in with movies directed by the award-winning Nadine Labaki – OSN Yahala channels and the OSN streaming app guarantee a month full of entertainment.
If viewers are looking for a pinch of comedy and a spoon full of sarcasm, OSN’s Original production ‘Yalla Neta’asha’ is the perfect treat. Premiering on Sunday 18th October at 20:00 UAE / 19:00 KSA, the Middle East version of the hugely popular reality TV show Come Dine with Me will see a different group of four strangers each week take turns to each host a dinner party in their home, with the other guests rating the evening out of 10. Hosted by Egyptian comedian, Khalid Mansour the show will run weekly from Sunday to Thursday.
Ta’er Al Sabah (AKA Dreamer) is the latest addition to OSN’s greatTurkish line-up. This romantic comedy series tells the story of a young girl who starts a new job at an advertising agency, and then finds herself falling in love with her boss. The series has won nine prestigious awards including the ‘Murex d'Or Award’ at Murex D’Or 2019, the ‘Golden Butterfly Award’ at Pantene Golden Butterfly Awards 2018 and the ‘Golden Star Award’ at Turkey Youth Awards 2019, as well as 15 additional award nominations. Available in Arabic and Turkish with Arabic subtitles, Ta’er Al Sabah will premiere on Sunday 18th October at 19:00 UAE / 18:00 KSA.
Another exciting romantic drama is Alam Al Motazawejeen (aka. The World of the Married), based on BBC One’s series Doctor Foster. The series tells the story of a married couple whose betrayal of one another leads to a mess of revenge, grief and forgiveness. Alam Al Motazawejeen will premiere on Sunday 27th October at 23:00 UAE / 22:00 KSA, and will be available in Arabic and Korean with Arabic subtitles.
OSN will also be airing award winning movies from Nadine Labaki on OSN Yahala Cinema. Premiering every Friday at midnight in UAE / 23:00 KSA, the channel will include three of her most captivating films such as ‘Sukar Banat’ (AKA Caramel), ‘W Hala’a Lawein’ (AKA Where do we go now), and ‘Capernaum’ that revolve around women empowerment and the societal issues in Lebanon.
Movie fans can also enjoy ‘El Le'ba Al Americani’ (American Game) on Friday 2nd October at midnight UAE / 23:00 KSA on OSN Yahala Cinema. The film follows a young couple as they face financial and social challenges ahead of their wedding day and the turn of events that follow after a helpful boss makes them an offer they can’t refuse. Starring Ahmed Fahmi, Nahed Al Sebai and Intisar, this Egyptian comedy is the perfect way to spend a weekend in with the family.
OSN Yahala Cinema will be airing Egyptian comedy’ Al Tayeb Wel shares Wel La'oub’, starring May Kassab, Mohamed Sallam, Ahmed Fathy and Bayyumy Fouad. A story of three retired actors who abruptly decide that they want to go back to show-business, the film sees them work together to make a production about aliens. ’ Al Tayeb Wel shares Wel La'oub’ will premiere on Friday 9th October at midnight UAE / 23:00 KSA.
Finally, this October viewers can also look forward to over thirty classic films from Souad Hosni at 20:00 UAE / 19:00 KSA on OSN Yahala Cinema. Launching on Thursday 1st October, fans can watch all of Souad Hosni’s greatest movies every night of the week for a trip down memory lane, including ‘Saghira Ala El-Hob’, ‘El 7 Banat’ and ‘Lel Regal Fakat’.

October full series line-up on OSN Yahala Al Oula:
Titles Date Pattern Timing - UAE/ KSA
Yalla Net'asha (AKA Come Dine with me) 18th October Sunday to Thursday 20:00 / 19:00
A’adet Rigala Season 3 26th September Every Saturday 22:00 / 21:00
Ta’er Al Sabah (AKA Day Dreamer) 18th October Sunday to Thursday 19:00 / 18:00 
Alam Al Motazawejeen (aka. The World of the Married) 27th October Sunday to Thursday 23:00  / 22:00
Worroud Moulawna 20th September Sunday to Thursday 21:00 / 21:00
Al Tufah Al Haram (AKA Forbidden Fruit) 23rd September Sunday to Thursday 22:00 / 21:00
Qatel Eve Season 1, 2 & 3 (AKA Killing Eve) 20th September Sunday to Thursday 23:00 / 22:00
Serr (AKA Secret) 31st August Sunday to Thursday 00:00 / 23:00
October full movie line-up on OSN Yahala Cinema at midnight UAE/ 23:00 KSA:
Movie title Date
El Le'ba Al Americani (American Game) 2nd October
Al Tayeb Wel shares Wel La'oub 9th October
Nadine Labaki full movie line-up on OSN Yahala Cinema at midnight UAE/ 23:00 KSA:
Movie title Date
Sukar Banat (AKA Caramel) 16th October
W Hala’a Lawein 23rd October
Capernaum 30th October
Souad Hosni full movie line-up on OSN Yahala Cinema at 20:00 UAE/ 19:00 KSA:
Movie titles Date
El Banat W El Seif 1st October
El 7 Banat 2nd October
Al Sahera Al Saghira 3rd October
La'ebat Al Hob Wel Gawaz 4th October
Hekayet Gawaz 5th October
Al Talata Youhebonaha 6th October
Al Qahera 30 7th  October
Ganab Al Safeer 8th October
Lailat Al Zefaf 9th October
Saghira Ala El Hob 10th October
Al Zawga Al Thaneya 11th October
Shaqet Al Talaba 12th October
Baba Ayez Keda 13th October
Shay'a Min Al A'zab 14th October
Al Murahqin 15th October
Ghoroub Wa Shorouk 16th October
Al Ikhtiar 17th October
Zawgaty Wal Kalb 18th  October
Lelregal Faqat 19th October
Gharameyat Emra'a 20th  October
Khaly Balak Men Zouzou 21st October
Lemaza A'eesh 22nd October
Ala Man Notleq Al Rosas 23rd October
Ahl Al Qemma 24th October
Ghareeb Fi Bayti 25th  October
Shabab Magnon Gedan 26th October
Esha'et Hob 27th October
Al Safira Aziza 28th October
Al Asheya'a Al Talata 29th October
Al Karnak 30th  October
Amiret Hobi Ana 31st October

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