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Dubai, UAE - Feb 24, 2020

Watch Arabic Series & Movies in Spring Season

OSN Yahala Al Oula brings a new dubbed series, Hob Fi Istanbul Season 1, a romantic drama about a forbidden love story between Tatiana, a married woman, and her Doctor, Kemal. Starring Yevgeniya Loza, Yakov Kucherevsky and Adnan Koç, the series will air exclusively as of 8th March at 20:00 KSA/ 21:00 UAE and will be available in both Arabic and Russian with Arabic subtitles. For the ladies out there, OSN starts the month of March on a high note by celebrating International Women’s Day with Hawadeitek, a movies stunt inclusive of 12 back-to-back movies by exceptional female actresses. Ranging from compelling dramas and comedies to action, the movies will be available to watch on OSN Yahala Cinema as of 8th March. Get ready to also watch award-winning movies, featuring the romantic drama Bold Pilot (AKA Bizim Için Sampiyon), which revolves around a popular racehorse in Turkey and its jockey in a love and success story from the 1990’s. The movie is based on a true story and will air on OSN Ya Hala Cinema on 13th March. To end the month on a high note, OSN will be launching a pop-up channel titled The Emperor Ahmed Zaki, featuring more than 30 of his best movies. Ahmed Zaki is considered one of the greatest actors of his generation, and some of his brilliant performances are in movies like Al Raqasa Wel Tabal, Naser 56, and Al Sadat which will all be aired on the channel. March highlights also include Al Ikhtiyar (AKA Babil), exclusively airing weekly on OSN Yahala Al Oula, the series will continue until 19th April to provide its viewers the opportunity to be the first to watch it at the same time as Turkey. With the famous Halit Ergenc, who played ‘Sultan Sulaiman’ in the series Hareem Al Sultan leading a star-studded cast, this incredibly compelling series filled with exciting and scandalous events airs every Sunday for two full hours and is available in Turkish with Arabic subtitles and is also dubbed in Arabic.
Full list of series’ that will continue in March:
• Alhob Wartta (AKA Afili Ask) – Sunday to Thursday at 19:00 KSA/ 20:00 UAE
• Afek Al Khater – Sunday to Thursday at 20:00 KSA/ 21:00 UAE • Imra’ah Season 3 – Monday to Thursday at 21:00 KSA/ 22:00 UAE
• Al Ghurab (AKA Kuzgun) – Monday to Thursday at 22:00 KSA/ 23:00 UAE
• Ma Fiyyi Season 2 – Sunday to Thursday at 23:00 KSA/ 00:00 UAE If you can’t catch the content first time, be sure to hit the record button on your remote so you can have your entertainment ready and waiting to watch when it suits you!

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