• OSN Yahala Al Oula and OSN Yahala Cinema bring the latest Arabic, Turkish, Russian and Korean dubbed content
Dubai, United Arab Emirates - Dec 13, 2020

The region’s leading entertainment hub, OSN, brings viewers a line-up of premium Arabic, Turkish, Korean and Russian dubbed content this December along with a selection of Arabic comedy and drama movies and an Arabic short film pop-up on OSN Yahala Al Oula and OSN Yahala Cinema.

December kicks-off with a movie stunt on OSN Yahala Cinema every Thursday. Available until 26th December at 22:00UAE/ 21:00 KSA, the stunt will feature a selection of award-winning Arabic short films including Hazihi Laylati, Ousbou’ Wa Yomein, Habib and Matealash Al Hagib.

OSN Yahala Cinema brings viewers Lama Benetweled, starring Amir Eid from the famous band Cairokee along with Amr Abed and Dana Hamdan. The drama film tells the story of three different characters –an aspiring singer, a Christian woman who falls in love with a young Muslim man, and a sports trainer.
If viewers are seeking some laughs and giggles, Mohamed Hussein is the movie for them. Premiering on Friday 18th December at 12AM UAE/ 23:00 KSA with Mohamed Saad, Samir Sabri and Mai Selim taking the lead role. The movie tells the story of Mohamed Hussein, chauffeur to a 5-star hotel as he is accused of murdering a famous painter who was a guest at the hotel.

Enta Habibi w Bass is an Egyptian comedy movie also coming to OSN Yahala Cinema on Friday, 25th December at 12AM UAE/ 23:00KSA. The movie, starring Mahmoud Al Laithy, Boussy, and Mohammed Tharwat is a comedy about famous artist Zico, who in order to receive his grandfather’s inheritance, must face some luckless obstacles.

OSN Yahala Al Oula, continues to show Ta’er Al Sabah (Day Dreamer), a series about a young woman who starts a new job at an advertising agency and finds herself falling in love with her boss. The series has won nine prestigious awards including the ‘Murex d'Or Award’ at Murex D’Or 2019, the ‘Golden Butterfly Award’ at Pantene Golden Butterfly Awards 2018 and the ‘Golden Star Award’ at Turkey Youth Awards 2019, as well as 15 additional award nominations. Available in Arabic and Turkish with Arabic subtitles, Ta’er Al Sabah airs from Sunday to Thursday at 20:00 UAE / 19:00 KSA.

Fans of Russian series dubbed in Arabic will continue to enjoy the action/ crime/ drama series Meglin. Premiering on Wednesday, 25th November at 12AM UAE/ 23:00 KSA, the series revolves around the main hero Rodion Meglin, who is a mysterious investigator with secretive ways of seeking justice.
Another exciting romantic drama on OSN Yahala Al Oula is Alam Al Motazawejeen (The World of the Married), based on BBC One’s series Doctor Foster. The series tells the story of a married couple whose betrayal of one another leads to a mess of revenge, grief and forgiveness. Alam Al Motazawejeen airs from Sunday to Thursday at 23:00 UAE / 22:00 KSA and is available in Arabic and Korean with Arabic subtitles.
New on OSN Yahala Al Oula:
Titles Start Date Pattern UAE/ KSA
Jannat Hali December 15th Sunday to Thursday 21:00/ 20:00
Al Intikam (AKA The Revenge) December 31st Sunday to Thursday 23:00/ 22:00
Qaser Beecham (AKA Beecham House) December 17th Sunday to Friday 12:00AM/ 23:00
Share’a Chicago (AKA Chicago street) December 27th Sunday to Thursday 12:00 AM/ 23:00
Continuing on OSN Yahala Al Oula:    
Titles Date Pattern UAE/ KSA
Al Tufah Al Haram (AKA Forbidden Fruit) September 23rd Sunday to Thursday 22:00/ 21:00
Ta’er Al Sabah (AKA Day Dreamer) October 18th Sunday to Thursday 19:00/ 18:00
Alam Al Motazawjin (AKA THE WORLD OF MARRIED) November 17th Sunday to Thursday 23:00/ 22:00
Movie highlights on OSN Yahala Cinema:
Movie title Date Category
Sayidat Al Bahr (SCALES) 4th Dec. Emirati Mystery
Al Daiyf (The Guest) 5th Dec. Egyptian Drama
Lamma Benetweled 11th Dec. Egyptian Drama
Had shaf Mohamed Hussain 18th Dec. Egyptian Comedy
Enta Habibi w Bass 25th Dec. Egyptian Comedy

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