Everything You Need to Know About OSN Binge

April 09, 2019

OSN Binge is not your standard TV channel, because we don’t do ordinary and we definitely don’t do standard…

We’re bringing you the region’s first ever channel that’s bursting with back-to-back-to-back episodes, uninterrupted series, complete seasons & more in ONE place!

With OSN Binge we only want you to do 3 things: sit back & relax, tune in and just enjoy all your favorite series - uninterrupted and throughout the entire day.

Essentially, you sit back, and we do alllllll the work! Tempting? We know.

If you thought you couldn’t binge watch a complete season in a few hours, we’re changing that attitude and making sure that you have full control of your TV.

So, from now on, OSN Binge is your special go-to channel for everything and anything series related – from global hits, award-winning series to Game of Thrones EVERYTHING.

This comes in handy if you’re ever in a pickle for a class project research paper or if your friends are all gossiping about the latest plot twists…while you’re completely lost about what’s going on, OSN Binge is there to save the day by giving you back-to-back episodes of an entire season so that you can catch-up instantly!

OSN Binge is also fairly simple…it caters to the 4 types of bingers;
(Try to guess which one speaks to you the most)


The Early Morning Binger

The early binger starts off their day with a much-needed series catch-up!

Whether you’re a mum who has a few hours to spare before your little ones come back from school and before the responsibilities kick in, or you’ve just taken a sick day and are couch-bound…the early morning binger needs no excuse to start the day off with a few episodes.

And here’s what we have lined up for you in April – all the episodes & back-to-back so you’ll never miss a scene: Chicago PD, Chicago Fire & Chicago Med from Sunday to Thursday from 9:00 am to 19:00 pm KSA.

And Scandal (season 7) from Monday to Thursday from 9:00 am to 19:00 pm KSA.


The Evening Binger


This is the person who particularly likes to binge after they’ve completed a few tasks and feel like they deserve a break for a few hours.  

So, whether you’ve checked off all those chores, have a flexible work schedule or just find yourself at home during the evenings, you’re the evening binger!

The evening binger is the half-sibling to the morning binger, however, the only difference is the time of day you love to catch up on your favorite series – which is completely selective!

Here’s what we have lined up for you in April: House of Cards (season 6) every Monday to Wednesday from 19:00 pm to 22:00 pm KSA.


The Late-Night Binger

These are the ultimate bingers…these are the people who love to stay up late, who don't mind risking another minute of on-screen drama for the very probable chance of being late in the morning but it’s usually too good to stop!

These are the people who love to come home after a long day at work, after putting the kids to bed or after running errands and end up finding themselves on a comfortable couch with some popcorn and their TV.

And let’s be honest, how many times have we promised ourselves a few episodes here and there and the next thing you know…the sun’s out and you’re too deep into the series that you’ve already watched three seasons? Yeah, we can all relate!

For the ultimate bingers, here’s what we have lined up for you in April. (and you’ll love us for this)

It’s only suitable that for the ultimate binger, we provide the ultimate series to binge on…yes, we’re talking about Game of Thrones! From the beginning of Westeros to the final battle, we’re giving you seasons 1 to 7 to catch up on every night from 22:00 pm KSA till April 14th.

Think you’re up for the challenge? We think you’re ready.

Be amongst the first in the region to watch the FINAL battle of Game of Thrones (season 8) with OSN…it’s less than a week away! 

You can also binge on these at night in April: The Handmaid’s Tale (season 2) every night from April 21st at 22:00 pm KSA, Westworld (season 1 & 2) from April 16th every night at 22:00 pm KSA, Big Little Lies (season 1) from April 27th at 22:00 pm KSA.


The Weekend Binger


The weekend binger is a binger who absolutely LOVES series and awesome entertainment all week long…because who says that it needs to stop during the weekends?

Plus it's the perfect, easiest (and most affordable) date night with your loved one, all you'll have to do is prepare the snacks! 

The weekends are the best time to catch-up on your favorite series if you’ve been too busy during the week...it’s when responsibilities take a back seat and the fun starts for a few days before our week routines start back up on that dreaded Sunday morning feels.

So if you’re having a weekend-in anytime soon, OSN Binge has got your back to make sure you’re always entertained no matter what time it is…here’s what we’ve got lined up for you in April: The Good Doctor (season 2) every weekend from 9:00 am to 22:00 pm KSA.

New Amsterdam (season 1) from April 26th every weekend from 9:00 am to 22:00 pm KSA.


Don't have OSN Binge? It's simple to get! Just upgrade to Platinum and enjoy lots more perks with endless hours of entertainment same time as the U.S, as they come & when they come! 

Written by: Lara Obeidat
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