OSN’s November Line-up Promises Premium Arabic Content for A Month Full of Entertainment

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Dubai, UAE - Nov 5, 2020

OSN Yahala Al Oula and OSN Yahala Cinema continue to bring the latest and exclusive Arabic, Turkish, Russian and Korean dubbed content this month

November on OSN carries a line-up of the most captivating shows and movies . OSN Yahala Al Oula and OSN Yahala Cinema promise viewers a selection of Arabic, Turkish, Russian and Korean dubbed content filled with funny banter, action, and romantic dramas guaranteed to keep the entire family entertained.
November kicks-off with Okdet El Khawaga on Friday, 6th November at 12AM UAE/ 23:00 KSA on OSN Yahala Cinema. The Egyptian comedy movie starring Hasan Al-Raddad, Hana Al Zahed and Majed El Masry tells the story of a young couple facing financial and social obstacles straining their marriage and putting their love to the test.
Al Azeema is a Russian Drama series coming to OSN Yahala Al Oula starting Thursday, 5th November at 23:00 UAE/ 22:00 KSA. The series tells the story of a young woman, Elena, who is living the perfect life – she has her dream job, she is married to a handsome and wealthy young man and she has a beautiful daughter, which makes her a victim of her friend’s jealousy.
An exciting romantic drama is Alam Al Motazawejeen (aka. The World of the Married), based on BBC One’s series Doctor Foster. The series tells the story of a married couple whose betrayal of one another leads to a mess of revenge, grief and forgiveness. Alam Al Motazawejeen will premiere on Sunday 25th October at 23:00 UAE / 22:00 KSA and will be available in Arabic and Korean with Arabic subtitles.
The following Friday, 20th November at 12AM UAE/ 23:00 KSA sees Aswar Alya (AKA High Fences), starring Rania Yousef and Randa Al Behiry, the Egyptian drama’s story focuses on societal issues within the Egyptian community, while tapping into the gap between social classes as well as the connections between them. The story also highlights the negative effects of the drug trade on the streets of Egypt.
If viewers are seeking some action, Hamlet Faraoun is the movie for them. Premiering on Friday, 27th November at 12AM UAE/ 23:00 KSA with Amr Saad, Ruby and Mahmoud Abd El Moghny taking the lead. The movie is about a man named Yehia, known as Faraoun, who goes on a mission to Syria in attempt to save his son who was kidnapped by ISIS.
Min Hakki Aheb leads the way on OSN Yahala Al Oula on Tuesday, 3rd November at 21:00 UAE/ 20:00 KSA. The Gulf drama series starring Shaima Suliman, Reem Erhama and Ali Kakoli tells the story of an engineer who’s marriage breakdown causes him to get a divorce, leading to a new wave of people in his life and the changes that ensue.
If viewers missed the chance to catch the ever popular OSN Original series Aa’det Regala Season 3, they can now watch it on OSN Yahala Al Oula starting Sunday, 15th November at 17:45 UAE/ 16:45 KSA. The talkshow sees three celebrity hosts, Qais Sheikh Najeeb, Khalid Selim and Nicolas Moawad as they engage in a heated debate and funny banter with their female A-list guests.
Following A’adet Regala, its spin-off show Harb Alameya is also available to watch on OSN Yahala Al Oula starting Sunday, 15th November at 18:45 UAE/ 17:45 KSA. As if this wasn’t enough top-class entertainment, Enjy Kiwan invites the same A-list celebrity line-up to join her on the sofa in a retaliation against the men on the show.
Fans of Russian series dubbed in Arabic will get to enjoy the action/ crime/ drama series Meglin. Premiering on Wednesday, 25th November at 12AM UAE/ 23:00 KSA, the series revolves around the main hero Rodion Meglin, who is a mysterious investigator with secretive ways of seeking justice.
Finally, Yalla Net’asha’s episodes continue in October with its hilarious host Khalid Mansour. Running from Sunday to Thursday at 20:00 UAE/ 19:00 KSA on Ya Hala Al Oula, the Middle East version of the hugely popular reality TV show Come Dine with Me sees a different group of four strangers each week take turns to each host a dinner party in their home, with the other guests rating the evening out of 10.
New highlights on OSN Yahala Al Oula:      
Titles Start Date Pattern UAE/ KSA
Min Hakki Ohib November 3rd Sunday to Thursday 21:00/ 20:00
Al Azeema November 5th Sunday to Thursday 23:00/ 22:00
A’adet Regala S3 November 15th Sunday to Friday 17:45/ 16:45
Harb Alameya November 15th Sunday to Thursday 18:45/ 17:45
Meglin November 25th Saturday to Thursday 12:00 AM/ 23:00
Continuing series on OSN Yahala Al Oula:    
Titles Date Pattern UAE/ KSA
Al Tufah Al Haram (AKA Forbidden Fruit) September 23rd Sunday to Thursday 22:00/ 21:00
Yalla Net'asha (AKA Come Dine With Me) October 18th  Sunday to Thursday 20:00/ 19:00
Ta’er Al Sabah (AKA Day Dreamer) October 18th Sunday to Thursday 19:00/ 18:00
Alam Al Motazawjin (AKA THE WORLD OF MARRIED) November 17th Sunday to Thursday 23:00/ 22:00
Serr (AKA Secret) August 31st Sunday to Thursday 12:00 AM/ 23:00
Movie highlights on OSN Yahala Cinema at 12:00AM UAE/ 23:00 KSA:
Movie title Date Category
Okdet El Khawaga November 6th Egyptian Comedy
Khayal Ma’ata November 13th Egyptian Drama
Aswar a'alya November 20th Egyptian Drama
Hamlet Faraoun November 27th Egyptian Action

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