Catch The Final Week of the shockingly hilarious OSN Original ‘Yalla Neta’sha, Come Dine With Me’

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Dubai, United Arab Emirates - Dec 29, 2020

Week nine of the OSN Original production ‘Yalla Neta’sha, Come Dine With Me’ was the most hilariously dramatic and eyebrow-raising week since launch, closing the first series of the season with a big bang. Viewers are in for a big surprise with more laughter, gossip, sarcasm and unfiltered commentary than ever, available now to watch on OSN Ya Hala Al Oula and the OSN Streaming app.

Viewers are in for a fiery episode as events got heated in this final week between the contestants as they battled it out for the cash prize. The week began with an eclectic mix of contestants, including a Tunisian Happiness Coach, a Lebanese health freak, a Jordanian foodie, and an Emirati pilot caught in between the fiery three ladies. This week of Yalla Net’asha brought together Salma from Tunis; Nariman form Jordan; Remy from Lebanon; and Faisal from the UAE.
On his turn to host, Captain Faisal took his guests on a culinary flight, with his cooking landing very smoothly with his tough and critical guests, satisfying even the most difficult house-guest Remy. In this episode tension rose between Salma and Remy, keeping the guests and viewers on the edge of their seats.
In Nariman’s turn, the food fanatic decided to confidently ignore her guest’s very picky food requirements, and bring a secret recipe to the table, to ease the tension between Remy and Salma. Finally, Remy saw her guests’ revenge on her harsh and critical behavior throughout the week as they gave her low scores and marked her harshly on her hosting skills.  Tensions run high over the course of the week as Nariman revealed sinister plans and guests had to put up with Salm and her terrible temper. Don’t miss out on all the action, tune in and find out how the week’s drama unfolds.
Narrated by Egyptian comedian Khalid Mansour, audiences can catch these uncompromising hilarious yet heartfelt moments and much more of the 45-episode Arabic series on OSN Ya Hala Al Oula and the OSN Streaming app

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